Monday, May 5, 2014

Trade Post with 2 Types of Cardboard

Dave, a reader of my humble little blog, sent me a couple of nice Cubs items in exchange for some cards of Cargo and Kong.  We both seemed pretty happy with the loot and I'm pretty excited to show my side of the deal off.

Holy Smokes!  An unused ticket to Ron Santo's induction in Cooperstown!

I have a cabinet for such items and this one is going front and center.  What an awesome piece of memorabilia! The only thing I can imagine being better is if I actually made it to Cooperstown that year to celebrate.

So, that's one piece of "cardboard."  Now let's take a look at the more traditional type of cardboard seen on this blog.

I have ripped more than my fair share of Topps Opening Day in the past, but I've never been fortunate enough to pull an autograph.

Josh Vitters is a former #1 draft pick from 2007, and he's only 24, but he's running out of time to make it in The Show.  I have an in-person auto of Vitters on a Peoria Chief card, but this certified autograph is pretty nice for a sticker.

Thanks for contacting me about a possible trade, Dave.  I couldn't be happier!

Before I sign off, I have to show off the Dave Kingman cards I sent Dave.
Five cards and four different teams. What's even better is the Upper Deck card titled "Bellbottomed Bashers."  What a crazy insert name!