Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mmmm... Teacher Appreciation Week

The teacher's lounge has been jammed packed with sweets his week courtesy of our local Parent's Club.  But, the best sweet I've sampled came via a coworker today:

All hail the "brookie" or "slutty brownie," which is a chocolate chip cookie/Oreo/brownie dessert.  Three great items baked into one sinfully scrumptious morsel.  The picture does NOT do it justice. 

Looking for the recipe? In my opinion, totally worth spending an hour in the kitchen.


  1. I thought maybe that was a moon rock.

    (I see that JediJeff has already beat me to a mineral reference.)

  2. Huh, now that I take a second look at the picture I can definitely see what you're referring to. Not my best work of photography!

    No matter. It's much tastier than any rock!