Monday, May 26, 2014

SUP and Raccoon #6

My wife and traveled northeast to spend the Memorial Day weekend with her parents.  My mother-in-law always throws a killer picnic.  You know the type: the kind that makes you reach for your Thanksgiving pants.

To burn some of those calories off Laura and I went out stand-up paddle boarding twice this weekend.  On Saturday we trolled about the Kankakee River and we hit the Iroquois River on Sunday.  My new SUP board worked out really well.

Before we left Saturday morning for our weekend excursion I had to dump off another raccoon!
Yep, this one is named Fergie (aka raccoon #6).  She was bigger than the previous five and much, much grouchier.  She growled, snarled, showed her teeth and tried to take a swipe at me.  In the end though, she was just like the rest and sprinted off to freedom.

Thanks for all of the name suggestions  Fiona seemed to be a popular name choice, but she hasn't been terribly relevant as of late.  So, Fergie it is!  (Hat tip to Defgav for the suggestion.)

Here's the updated list of raccoon names:
Ashton (Kutcher)
Beyoncé (Knowles)
Channing (Tatum)
Demi (Moore)
Elvis (Presley)
Fergie (Duhamel)

We need a male name which starts with the letter G.  As always, post your suggestions below!