Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Raccoon Update: Elvis has left the building!

Shoot.  This is getting crazy.  I thought I might catch a handful of the masked critters, as I saw an entire family last summer, but actually catching five is kind of mind blowing.

Here's Monday night's catch:
We named this one Demi.  Again, my wife named this one, and she's currently out of town, I guess I can't fault her for there being little resemblance.

Tuesday night's catch:

I named him Elvis.  Why?   I think the video says it all...

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building!

I've just finished setting up the live trap again and I'm off to bed.  I'm hoping the silly thing is empty in the morning, but my gut says that I'll have some company again tomorrow morning as I make the drive to work (and the designated raccoon drop zone).

For a quick recap, here's the name:
Ashton (Kutcher)
Beyoncé (Knowles)
Channing (Tatum)
Demi (Moore)
Elvis (Presley)

Next up, we'll need a female name which starts with the letter F.  I have a decent name in mind, but please feel free to add you suggestions to the comments section, folks!


  1. For whatever reason, I think your next raccoon should be Felicity (Huffman).

  2. Anybody who remembers the 70's would suggest Farrah. From the 90's might say Faith.

  3. Fiona (Apple). Fergie. Frida.