Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Where are the Tigers Fans?

I participated in Nachos Grande's 2013 Topps Archives 3-box team break recently.  Naturally, I selected the Cubs and I'm happy with my haul.  Chris does a wonderful job of posting all the cards during the break and spreading out the packs over a good week or so to keep everyone entertained.  It's a bunch of fun to read the posts and I would suggest participating in one of his breaks at least once... just don't take my Cubs!  lol

As per usual, each slot is randomized another team, and I was lucky enough to snag the defending American League champion Tigers.  Verlander, Miggy, and Prince were dancing through my head!  I was sure to snag a hit, right?

Well, I did!  The autographed card and one copy of every card I pulled in the Nachos Grande break is for trade to any Tigers collector.

Here's the loot!

All five cards from the base set, plus one of the two short prints in the set (Denny McClain, #203):

 Both of the All-Star cards in the set:
 One of the three Stadium Club Triumvirates:
 One of the four Tall Boys inserts:
 And a Fan Favorite Autograph of Denny McClain!

Leave a comment if you're interested in these Tigers!  I'd be interested in some Cubs of equal value in a trade.


  1. Oh, hey, I'm a Tigers fan, and those are some nice cards. I have some Cubs hanging around that need a good home, a Fuku hit you don't have even.

  2. I have a Randy Hundley Auto from 2006 Fleer Greats of the Game for your McLain auto and some other Cubs I think you'll like for the rest of the Tigers.

    1. Sorry, Dhoff beat you to the punch this time around. Thanks for reading the blog though!