Tuesday, June 4, 2013

1 Pack of Archives = Auto. Nice!

I purchased one pack of 2013 Topps Archives yesterday from my local card shop just to get a look at what all the excitement was about.

While I was there I bought a couple of Cubs base cards.  I've had terrible luck with packs as of late, so I knew that there wasn't any chance of finding a smiling '72 Ryno or '90 Rizzo in my pack.

So I checked out with my two Cubs and my one pack or Archives, and I was quite happy knowing that I had at least the two Cubs to add to my collection.

My pack included Halladay and Pujols in the psychedelic '72 scheme.  Meh.  I'm no Pujols fan.

A pair from the NL West that featured the 1990 format.  Posey is a stud and Tulo is certainly no slouch.  Good scores.

Peavy and Morales from the '85 design.  Good looking cards, but neither of these cards fit in my collection.

Tom Seaver was my lone representative from the 1982 series.  That's a pretty nice looking card of Hall-of-Famer "Tom Terrific".   I'm a sucker for vintage looking cards with star players on them.  Definite score.

This card was upside-down in the middle of pack: a Fan Favorite Autograph of Eric Davis.  Eric made a name for himself in Cincinnati crashing into walls, diving on the turf, and playing with reckless abandon.  In '87 he smashed 37 homers and stole 50 bases.  Even though he was not a viking, he was most certainly deserving of the nickname awarded to him: Eric the Red.

With a pull like that maybe my luck with ripping packs is changing?  I'm thinking things are looking up!


  1. Beautiful auto card of Eric the Red! Nicely done!!

  2. One cannot complain with a nice pull like that.

  3. Any interest in trading the Eric? I bet I could find some Cub cards of at least equal value. LMK -

    1. Send me an e-mail and we'll work something out!

  4. that is a really nice pack. love the Eric Davis auto. very cool