Monday, June 10, 2013

Topps wants me to relive my youth... with Day Glow?

I dropped in my local card shop (LCS) today and the owner reminded me that it was twenty-five cent pack week.  Nice!

Here's a copy of the postcard sized advertisement that's been sitting next to my LCS's register.

Huh, I like promotions.  Usually they focus around the ballpark, like $1 hot dogs or bobbleheads, but why not baseball cards?

The guy behind the counter had me pick out four packs from an 800 count box for a crisp one dollar bill.  By the looks of it I was one of the first to purchase the promotional packs, and for the record I took four off the top.  I'm not a pack searcher.  Although it would have been almost too easy to do so!

Now mind you, I'm in my mid-thirties, but I don't recall ever being able to purchase a pack of cards for a quarter.  The first set I hand collated from packs was '88 Topps and I believe wax packs ran at forty cents apiece for fifteen cards.

Five cards for a quarter though?  The "kid" in me jumped at the opportunity.

Here's what the unopened packs look like:

Clear cellophane?  Yep.  Kind of takes forty percent of the thrill away from ripping a pack of five cards when you know the identity of two of the cards before you bust in.

C'est la vie.  I guess I can't blame Topps for wanting to go the cheap route on a promotion.

Here's the other cards from the pack.  Everything looks pretty much like regular 2013 Archives.

Well, there was one exception: this Day Glow card of Country Breakfast.  Yes, Billy Butler has probably the coolest nickname in all of Major League Baseball.

I must say my camera doesn't do the Day Glow orange justice.  I tried different settings, but each take looked more washed out than the previous.  You really have to see one for yourself to get a true feel for the color.  Oh, and I think I know what "reliving my youth" and day glow colors have to do with one another.  I had more than a few day glow colored clothing items in my closet as a middle school youth!  Oh, those were the days.

The Day Glows from the other three packs?  Yep, nothing spectacular, but I should be able to flip the Freese at my LCS for a Cub!  #CrosingMyFingers

I'm not sure how collectors feel about another parallel to chase, but I don't think a promotion like this is a bad idea from Topps overall.  Especially if younger collectors get a chance to purchase some quarter packs before someone comes and buys them all up in a selfish attempt to make a buck.

Needless to say, I'm looking forward to trading in some late 1980's junk wax next week to "get a new pack with exclusive cards."  Fun-fun!


  1. I would love to trade for that Ellsbury card if you want to email me.

  2. Wait, there's a place where you can trade in your late '80s junk wax? This sounds like one of those email scams to me ...

    1. I'll try it out next week and see what happens. Should make for a good post!

  3. Thank goodness you posted this! I almost forgot to stop in at my LCS today. We were limited to two packs per person.

  4. Would you mind shooting the Belt my way via PWE? I got my packs today and pulled a Sandberg I can send your way. LMK and shoot me your address.

    Adam - arpsmith

  5. i was limited to a single pack - but my insert was a kershaw so i didn't mind!

  6. what shop had these. the three in my area(schaumburg) are not participating.

    1. My LCS is in the heart of Peoria, IL: Baseball Card City.