Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Birthday on Father's Day!

My dad hits a milestone birthday today, on Father's Day no less!  He's been a great role model for me in my thirty-five years and he, along with my mom of course, have done so much to help me grow into the person I am today. 

Dad always seems to be giving... it might be a suggestion, it could be something to help with a project, it's sometimes solicited advice, and often times it's a smile.

Today it was my turn!  Dad has two outbuildings on the backside of his property and the closest one to the house is his workshop.  The walls of his workshop are covered with signs, posters, license plates, and randomness.  I love it!

Here's the main gift to my dad on his Father's/Birthday combo to add to his randomness in the workshop:

Oh wait, let's unwrap that!  (For the record, it's a family tradition to wrap presents in the Sunday comics.  Unfortunately, I ran out of funny paper.)

Pretty cool, huh?
Crazy what some cleaner and super glue can do. It comes with a controller to operate the scoreboard and everything!  The best I figure is that it's about twenty-five years old, but all the lights still work! 

The physical education department was cleaning out their closet at the end of the school year as they were going to toss it out!  Sure, it was dirty, sticky from dried soda (gross), and there was a hole in the plexiglass, but how awesome is it now that I've spent about an hour fixing it up!  Man, what a find.

I'm sure Dad will find a place for this in his workshop.  He could use it as a timer so he knows when to check on his ribs in the smoker.  [Yes, the horn does work.]  Or maybe he can keep track of how many logs he has to add to his wood burning stove during the winter months.  No, he doesn't have a basketball hoop attached to his workshop, but otherwise the options are limitless!

Happy Birthday and Father's Day, Dad!

UPDATE: Here's how my dad and grandfather celebrated their day earlier this morning.  They took my dad's 1953 Chevy pick-up truck out for a spin around the subdivision.  I got to take a ride later as well and it was pretty sweet!  Here's a link to the last time I got to ride in it; "Mr. Ed" has come a long way!

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