Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Joy of a Completed FrankenSet Page

I finally sat down and put some cards in pages this evening.  I forgot how relaxing and fun that can be!

I have only two complete FrankenSet pages, and here's the better of the two representatives:
 I've decided to use the chrome cards in the prospect (1-110) portion of the set, but I only needed one to complete this page, which can be found in the middle.  Three international/hometown* parallels can be found, as well as two silver ice cards, 1 blue (#'d to 500), 1 purple (retail only parallel), and one of my only two refractors (bottom right).

I have some orange parallels (#'d to 250), but other than that I think this is a good representation of what my prospect FrankenSet will look like.  The regular base set (1-220) is chocked full of gold parallels.  A little blah, so I'm trying to pick up some more orange, blue, international/hometown, and silver ice parallels to spice things up a bit.

* = International/hometown parallels look just like the base card, but the flag from the player's native country or state is displayed in the background.

This page features FOUR Yankees.  Seriously?  Again, how did they get so many players in 110 card prospect subset?

I have maybe a handful of completed pages from the base set as well.  Here's the first one that I came across while flipping through my binder.

No Yankees this time!  Law of Averages?

Again, if you've purchased any Bowman this year please take a look at the want/have list at the top of the page.  I'll try to make it worth your while if you have anything that could help me out!

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