Thursday, February 20, 2014

What if you crossed a baseball card with a kangaroo?

 Duff, of the wonderful Bleedin' Brown and Gold blog, dropped a hefty yellow bubble mailer on me last week.  I know, I know.  I'm a slow blogger.  But hey, basketball coaching season is about over and soon I'll have more time available for all things baseball, including the blog!

I'm just about finished with my '88 Donruss set and Duff sent over a stack of cards to knock the last base card of the list.  Now I'm only missing three of those MVP subset cards.  I'll track 'em down eventually.
 The Al Pulido card was a valiant attempt by Duff to fill the void of one of the last cards I needed for my '87 Topps set.  Yet, this is the fourth one I think I've received since my post for help last month.

Let's take a look at the "cards for my enjoyment"!
 Yeah!  1982 Topps! My favorite is the Jim Tracy and this copy fills a rather large hole in my collection.
Jim Tracy was once a manager of my local minor league team, the Peoria Chiefs.  I had one copy of his card, but I used it in my coffee table project.  Here's another peak at my man room sorting table:
Jim is the fourth card from the left on the top row. My previous copy is encased in epoxy resin. Thanks for the new copy, Duff!

Back to the package: there were a couple of Rynos included.
 But what really caught my attention was the marsupial.
 Yep, Duff sent three Kerry Wood cards for my player collection, and all three were different in dimensions.  The last one on the right is of a 2000 Pacific Crown Royale Card-Supial. Definitely new to my collection, and a concept that is totally new to me.

Let's investigate this case of creative cardboard engineering a little further, shall we?

I stole the two images below from eBay.  Here's the mini card and a regular 2.5" by 3.5" card.
 Now look at the two.  Say what?
Yep, Larry Walker is now a marsupial.  He's placed Kid K in his pouch.  Weird.  So weird.  How did I not know about these Card-Supial cards until now?

Thanks for the cards and the lesson on cardboard genetics, Duff!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It a took a little time to make, but it was a ton of fun. I had a great time trying to choose the cards of my favorite Cubs. The hardest part was I didn't want two cards from the same set, but it was a welcomed challenge as it allowed me to
      "play" with my cards a little bit more!

  2. Just a couple more and you can probably "Bip" a Yankees fan the Pulidos.

    I've seen the Card-supial cards by themselves at card shows but not together like that. Interesting. Can you tell if certain cards go together or is up to the collector to mix and match as they please?

    1. From what I've read, it sounds as though a regular sized card and a mini would come together in random packs. I think they were pretty rare, two in every 25 packs. For instance, the Larry Walker and Kerry Wood came together.

      Wood is the only mini and the only large Cub with a "pouch" is Sosa.

      You can find more here:

  3. Cardsupial, eh? Pretty strange, even for Pacific.

  4. Cardsupial? That is so stupid, it's awesome.
    I guess "Card-aroo" doesn't flow as well.

  5. I had fun finding those Woods cards for you, and yes, it was my objective to have three different sizes. I've come across the Card-supials before (I even have a Tony Gwynn one), and figured you'd get a kick out of those after finding them at my local card show last month. I'm glad they found a good home..

    1. Oh man, you better believe it! Even my wife thought the Card-supial was cool. (Which is pretty high praise!)

  6. It is kinda cool. Sure, it's a gimmick... But the concept was so short-lived that I can barely find any info on the net.

    Discovered a 1999-00 Pacific Crown Royale hockey card supial in my collection, and was tempted to track down the mini...