Saturday, February 1, 2014

Trade Post with Remember the Astrodome

I find the Houston Astros franchise to be more interesting than most.  They've never won a World Series, but they certainly do have character.

Exhibit A: Those crazy uniforms.
Crazy, yet J.R. and Nolan seem to pull them off.

Exhibit B: First stadium with ChemGrass AstroTurf.
 My high school football field installed artificial turf a couple of years ago.  It is pretty neat.
Exhibit C: Tal's Hill.

Seriously, a hill in centerfield?  Crazy.

Exhibit D: Their #1 ranked farm system.  I always like following the up-and-coming teams, perhaps because I'm a Cubs fan and that's all I have to look forward to. ... You know, the future.
 So when I found a new blog last month that covered the Astros I was pretty pumped.  Hey!  Another blogger for a team that knows my misery!  All joking aside, the Astros made some signings this off season and will probably out perform my Cubs.  Hmph.

I introduced myself to Bru, author of Remember the Astrodome, in a quick e-mail and dumped a brick of cards on him as a "Welcome to the Blogopshere" present. 

A brick?  Heck yeah: a 200-count box of set needs and 'Stros.  Bru has some crazy organization skills on display for all to see in google docs format and his want lists were super easy to use.  He's got everything covered from Colt .45s, oddball Astros, and '87 Topps.  Yep, you know my affinity for '87 Topps.  You guys should really check his blog out!

Bru even sent me a thank you package, which included a couple of Cubs and some cards for my '88 Donruss set.
Yes, I know.  I may need to seek counseling.  This junk wax obsession of mine has gotten a little out of hand.

Thanks for the cards and welcome to the Blogosphere, Bru!

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