Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Joy of a Completed Set: '92 Topps

I finished off my '87 Topps Project in less than a month.  I think part of the draw for the blogosphere to participate was the opportunity to win a blaster.  Each of the bloggers who traded '87 junk wax my way had their names placed in the randomizer (1 time for every 10 cards) to win a blaster of cards from the big box store with red parallels.

Kyle, from Nolan's Dugout, sent me 280 cards to help me with the '87 Topps Project.  Possessing 28 entries out of the 66 it was no shock that the randomizer spit his name out.

So, I sent Kyle a box of Bowman Chrome as his prize and pulled a Puig parallel and an auto.  Good deal!  I was pretty happy for him!

Then I received a "thank you" package from Kyle for his contest winnings.  I'm not adverse to thank you presents, but Kyle went above and beyond.
He FINISHED my '92 Topps set for me!  Man, the blogosphere is one generous place.

Thanks, Kyle!  Talk about a win-win for everyone!

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