Thursday, February 6, 2014

PWE #7, Major Vintage Mojo

I still haven't seen PWE #4 hit my mailbox, and I'm starting to think:
A) The USPS opened it and sold it's contents on "the bay"

B) Wes is just messing with me. 

Hmmmm...  I guess there's only one man who truly knows which one of the above hypotheses is correct.

C'est la vie.  Let's rip into PWE #7!

Hubbs? As in Ken Hubbs?  As in one of the 8 cards on my wish list?
Holy Smokes. 
Let's cross one of those bad boys off the list!  Wes, I'm not sure how you hacked into my computer and found my wish list, but YOU ARE THE MAN!

This card is an absolute beauty.  It's the second 1963 Topps card in my collection and "well loved" is my condition for vintage.

For those of you not in the know, Hubbs won the Rookie of the Year and the Gold Glove at second base in 1962 for the Cubs.  He went 78 games and 418 chances without an error.  Below is my favorite quote from Hubbs, which can be found at

Hubbs, whose biggest fear was flying, tackled his fear head on by earning his pilot's license.  Unfortunately, nearly fifty years ago, at the young age of 22, he lost his life when his plane crashed during a snow storm in Utah. What a tragedy to lose such a fine young man. 


Thanks for the PWE addition to my Cubs collection, Wes.  This one was certainly a home run in my book!


  1. Cool card! I love that someone wrote in "2B" on that one, correcting the error Topps made by not listing a position at all.