Monday, February 24, 2014

Trading Across the Border

I tried Googling "rosenort", but all I found out was that it's a small town somewhere in vast open space of Manitoba.  So, I'm not sure what "Rosenort" means in Canadian, but in American I think it loosely translates to, "generous with Donruss".
 Rosenort, from the Condition Sensitive blog, and I worked out a quick trade.  He introduced me to Zistle AND he seemed more than happy to part with the above and below Donruss cards for my in-progress sets.  In return I sent him some really random cards from his wantlist.  Nice!
 Look! It was a Chili Davis hot pack bubble mailer!

But wait, not all the cards were made by Donruss:
Yep, a Topps card with Rosenort's autograph!  Score!

Thanks for a great trade Mr. Rosenort!

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