Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Sunday, In More Ways Than One

Central Illinois received another blanket of snow yesterday, which I be might okay with if I knew better times were ahead. But six more weeks of clippers from Canada, polar vortexes, and white stuff?  Punxsutawney Phil.  You are not a very empathetic groundhog.

That's okay, here's a couple of items that can salvage the day:

#1 The Super Bowl! -- Sounds like a great match-up featuring the #1 offense versus the #1 defense.  I don't have a pony in the race and I don't harbor dislike for either team, so I'm hoping for an entertaining game, fun commercials, and good reception from my little antenna.  (You read correctly, no cable or satellite subscription for this sports junkie.)

#2 I sent Paul, of Wrigley Wax, a little package a couple months ago and he returned the favor this weekend.  Man, I'm still on Cloud 9 after opening this last evening.

I've set a personal goal to read more books this year and I hope to reach double digits.
"How baseball Cards Became an American Obsession"?  Really?  Hitting double digits is going to be much easier than I originally thought if books like this keep falling in my lap! This copy of Mint Condition was a duplicate for Paul and I'm the lucky recipient.  I already have my next read lined up and it's waiting on deck, but Mint Condition will be "in the hole" for sure.   

One can't send a book about baseball cards without accompanying it with an actual baseball card, right? 

Whaaaaaa...?  <Jaw drops.>

A Billy Williams rookie?  Sometimes less is more, so instead of rambling about how great the card is, or how generously awesome the blogosphere is, I'll just lay this out there:

Paul, Thank You.  It is a Super Sunday, indeed!


  1. I'm glad the package made it....tracking shows it went from Michigan to Pennsylvania, then to Missouri and finally to Peoria. I got a bit concerned when I saw that it went east instead of west.

  2. Nice pick-ups. That's a really good book, as I picked it up about a month ago for my Nook. As far as weather, here in Des Moines, we've been told to expect anywhere from 6 inches to 18 inches come Tuesday night. I tell you, there's times I wish we never left San Diego. Brrrrrrr.