Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Love Me Some PWE Trades

I was contact by a fine gentleman by the name of Ron and he proposed a two-for-two trade.  Hey, make it a PWE trade and I'm all in.  EVERY. TIME.

Ron doesn't have a blog, but he's a pretty active member of "The Bench" and comes highly recommended.
 The top loader that contained the two cards was wrapped in a nice note, which details the trade.  Man, this is one organized and diligent dude!

When I first graduated college and started teaching I had no social life.  The reason for that was twofold: 1) I taught six different classes and coached three sports, and 2) I was the only individual, to my knowledge, in my age demographic in town.   So, even when I had time, which was very rare, there wasn't really anybody to hang out with.

So, what's a baseball crazed guy to do?  Collect 2001 Topps baseball cards, naturally.
 It's been a while since I touched this set, but it sure was nice of Ron to contact me and remind that it's still sitting in my card closet only partially completed.
If you have any 2001 Topps Through The Years Reprints give me a shout.  I may not send a trade summary, but I'm good with a PWE.  Thanks for the trade, Ron!

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