Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Thousand More Cool Points For You

Cervin' Torren' Up Cards has become a regular read for this blogger.  I like to scroll through Zippy Zappy's blog and play the "what if" game.

You see, I'm just a simple midwestern soul, who will turn forty before he realizes it.  All roads out of P-town are surrounded by corn fields, bean fields, and the occasional cow pasture. Yep, my life is a real carnival.  But, what if I made a few different life choices when I was younger?  I could have been cutting edge and hip.

Zippy Zappy is like a younger version of myself, who lives in a faster paced part of the country. He visits exotic places like Japan and has all the energy in the world to send a never ending stream of TTMs.  He even double posts in a different language for his his followers in Japan.  He is so chic.  

I could be just like Zippy Zappy!  You know... subtract a decade or two from my age, transplant me to New York, and rid me of this silly phobia I have for traveling to places where I don't speak the language. Yeah.  Woulda shoulda coulda.
These SegaGen Cards still have the price stickers on them.  It's almost as though I went to Japan and bought them myself!
Ohhhhhhh!  So shiny and sparkly!
 Wait. Let's have a little reality check, shall we?  Zippy Zappy has accumulated at least seventy thousand more cool points than I have during my lifespan.  But that's okay.
A 2014 card of Fukudome playing in the Central League!

Why?  Because Zippy Zappy allows me to live vicariously through him.  I mean, just check out all of those great SegaGen Cards he gifted me!  And, some Kosuke Fukudome cards for my player collection!  I'm now up 125 different Fukdome cards, and thirty-seven of those are from Japan!

No, I didn't go to Japan, but Zippy Zappy has brought a little piece of Japan to me and Hugo. 
Hugo thinks every trade package is for him!

Yes, that's the translation sheet that Zippy Zappy so thoughtfully composed for all of the SegaGen Cards.  No worries, I was able to rescue the piece of paper before Hugo was able to have his way with it.

But there were more than SegaGen Cards in this package.  In fact, there's a couple of more posts worth which I'll hopefully get to before the end of the month.

Here are some glorious cards of Kyuji Fujikawa, a former Cub and PC guy, who is now a member of Texas Rangers.
I love the checklist card and how it's captured Fujikawa losing his hat.  It's almost as great as the high socks he's sporting on the other card.  I have a thing for high socks and I wore them in that fashion all through high school and college.
When Fujikawa signed with Cubs a couple of winters back I scoured eBay for his cards.  I saw an auction for these three cards and was immediately intrigued.  The price with shipping from Asia was more than I could stomach so I had to pass.

And now they're all mine!
Zippy Zappy, YOU ARE THE MAN.

Stadium Club had the Triumvirate insert set last year that joined together, but they have nothing on these.  Even the backs are connectable!

What a great start to a surprise Zippy Zappying!  Please, look forward to future posts where I unwrap more of this awesome trade package and add cool points to Zippy Zappy's already dominating total.

Thank you, Zippy Zappy!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

How Many Dodger Bloggers Are There?

There is definitely an imbalance amongst teams represented within the blogosphere and if I had to take a guess I would say the Dodger blogger are tipping the scales. In fact, two of my last three trade posts have me sending out players from Tinsel Town for Cubs.  Seriously, I can think of at least a handful:
Nomo's Sushi Platter
garvey cey russell lopes
Night Owl Cards
Dodgers Blue Heaven

Oscar, from All Trade Bait, All The Time, would be the fifth.   He sent out a batch of PWEs the other day and one of them found their way to my mailbox.  Let's dive in!

Cards for my player collection seemed to be the theme early on.
First up is Kosuke Fukudome:
 Then a couple of Rynos . . .
 Which were followed by a pair of Kerry Wood cards.
 Now, that's a great start!

I have a couple of Cubs binders and all of the team's Hall of Fame members are represented.
 The Ron Santo and the mini Andre Dawson are both new to my binders.  Nice!

The Dunston was a need as well.  I don't have a collection of Soriano, but I figure I have to have at least 150 different cards of Sori in my Cubs box.
Soriano seemed to have a card in every set from 2008 to 2013.   Some players just seem to be in every set.

Here's a guy who is always well represented in today's product, and deservedly so.
If you haven't done so, go vote for Anthony Rizzo for the All-Star game in Cincinnati.  Take a look at his slash line and I think those numbers may persuade you!

Oscar, thanks for the cards!  I sent a PWE your way which should be arriving in a day or two.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Is there a better time of year?

In my opinion, no.  Spring has sprung, the weather is beautiful, and baseball is in full swing.  Plus, there's the anticipation of summer ahead!  I actually feel like the scorecard above captures the moment very nicely.

Paul, the blogger behind Wrigley Wax, sent me this 1953 scorecard as a thank you for picking him up a scorecard from Kris Bryant's Major League Debut.  I was happy to do the simple favor for the ultimate Cubs baseball card blogger.

I felt bad at the time because all the score cards printed at the beginning of the home stand and Bryant was not yet listed on the inside.  Brandon Hyde, the Cubs' first base coach, was given credit for wearing Bryant's #17 jersey.  Nonetheless, I packaged up the scorecard and some oddball Ryne Sandberg duplicates to send off to Paul.

After doing a little research I found that this vintage scorecard was also printed early, with lineups! Back then, it was the responsibility of the individual scorekeeper to accurately update the day's lineup.  Seems like a little bit of a hassle to me.

I expressed through e-mail how I was happy to send the scorecard with no strings attach, but apparently the Wrigley Wax headquarters felt the need to reciprocate with a vintage scorecard. Who am I to argue?  

I have a couple of older scorecards, but nothing quote this nice.   Unfortunately, much like Kris Bryant's MLB debut, this game marks another Cubs' loss from August 16th, 1953.  Go figure.

Paul, thank you for the scorecard!  I've had a bunch of fun looking at the prices for tickets and concessions, as well as comparing the scoring to the actually play log.  I like to keep score, but it's taken me a little time to dissect the meaning of each penciled number.  I've never used a "9" to represent first base before, yet that is exactly what this individual has done.  To each their own I suppose.

Enjoy the summer, everyone!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Group Break Mojo & A Plug

I signed up for Nacho Grande's most recent group break and small flat rate USPS box was a delivered earlier in the week. I haven't been purchasing much current product the past two years so I figured this was a good way to get my Cubs fix.  Plus, who knows when I nice Cubs hit will fall into my lap from one of the boxes.
The new cat trap is working.
Holiday was more than happy to fill the box once I emptied the cards from it.  I get the cards and she gets the box, what a deal for everyone!

Let's pull ourselves away from all of the cuteness and take a look at my favorite cards from each of the boxes.

Fist up we have Greg Maddux from Topps Museum.
 Topps Museum is a higher end product which I could never break on my own, so it was nice to snag a card from this product.

I have a nice little run of Opening Day sets and I've always liked the Superstar Celebrations insert series.
On the left is Luis Valbuena, who now plays for the Astros.  Starlin Castro is on the right and my boy, Anthony Rizzo, is the one being mobbed in the middle.   I love this card!

If I had the cash I would purchase a box of Diamond Kings. I didn't watch all of the videos Chris filmed, but I made sure to watch the live feed of this box.
The cards are beautiful and the artsy feel of them helps Panini hide the absent logos.  I was lucky enough to score Szczur's card, and he gets the call as he's one of my personal favorites. 

 Gypsy Queen?  Sure, why not.  I still don't know why Topps has Gypsy Queen when Allen & Ginter's is pretty much the same thing.  But, whatever.
The GQ boxed netted me a couple Ryne Sandberg cards for my collection.  Hey, I'm up to 765!

Bowman, Series 1, was also included in the break.  Kyle Schwarber gets the nod here, because I just don't have many cards of his yet.  All in due time I suppose. 
Oh, and don't look now, but Schwarber is part of that second wave of young Cubs talent.  And, he is the real deal.

Hey, freebies!  I didn't score a big hit, but Chris threw in some random Cubs goodness for me.  What a generous soul!

 Billy Williams from Panini Cooperstown:

A new Kerry Wood card, which raises the count to 393:

 Oh, and another new Rynse Sandberg card.  Score!  Up the tally to 766!

Hey, I guess I did get a couple of hits and both were minis:
 Rizzo wasn't a member of the Cubs in 2008.  So, obviously this is one of those rare "Back in Time" parallels from A&G.  Plus, I received a genuine Chris Reed autographed card.  Stellar!

And now, a time for a plug:

Nachos Grande is busting a case of Topps Archives and there are still some slots left for his next group break.  I think we're guaranteed 20 autos from the case, plus a chance at a Will Ferrell auto, which I'm personally pretty jazzed about.  I really like the way Chris' does his breaks and would highly recommend them. I've been scammed a couple of times through eBay group breaks, and I don't know if I'll go back, but there are no worries with Nachos Grande.  He does a nice job in the videos, he posts summaries afterwards, he usually gives away free cards, he ships promptly, and he's a trustworthy member of our blogosphere. The only thing he doesn't provide in his breaks are actual nachos.  But I suppose I can let that one slide.  :)

Chris, thanks for hosting another great break.  I can't wait for the Archives case in June!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Yoo-Hoo! A Blog Milestone!

This is a different kind of milestone for sure.  Bloggers typically like to celebrate one of the following:
1. Hitting a certain number of followers . . . I'm at 97.
2. Announcing a 500th post or the like . . . Nope, this is number 694.
3. Celebrating the birthday of their blog . . . I accidentally ignored my blog's fourth birthday last month.
This is what the celebration would have looked like if I did remember my blog's birthday.
 This milestone highlights a swapping of cardboard which has been long overdue.  I finally had my first exchange with the much revered Night Owl.  Greg has been crafting brilliant posts far longer than I can imagine and he is also the winner of the "Blog of the Year" Award from the 2014 BIP Awards.  His blogging credentials are far superior to mine, but now I can officially say that I have arrived, for I have finally traded with the Great Night Owl.
Back in March I offered to check my LCS for any Post cereal cards that other bloggers might be interested in.  I had a couple of takers and one of they was interested in the Dodgers.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Greg sent the cards in this post to me in return and he hit some nice holes in my collection. 


For instance, I just placed this wonderfully mustached Dick Tidrow underneath glass on my newly created TV stand and now I have a replacement for my Cubs binder!  The Kosuke Fukudome card is a new one for my player collection, which now stands at 123. 

Holiday, who joined our family about seventeen days ago, still doesn't understand my fetish with baseball players on little rectangular pieces of cardboard.
That's okay, Holiday.  I don't think many of my friends understand either.
 I miss Shark.  He would have looked good in our rotation with Arrieta and Lester, but . . .  Addison Russell.  Yeah.  Addison Russell, who came over in the Samardzija trade, has already had a more successful pro career than another former number one pick, Lance Dickson.

And then, I came to the last two cards of package:
 I didn't think I had either of these two Ryne Sandberg cards.  The one on the left is an original back from the 2010 Topps Cards Your Mother Threw Out insert set.
 The Yoo-Hoo card is just play awesome.  I went to my google docs file for Ryno and Holiday helped me check and see if I needed the cards.
 Bingo!  Both are new to my collection!

 Personally, I was really excited about the trade package.  But Holiday seemed a little bored after a while.
 Greg, your return package may not have have gone over well with one of my new kittens, but it was certainly a big hit with me.  Thank you for boosting my day!