Sunday, May 1, 2016

Am I the Mystery Spot?

The author of Cards on Cards wrote in his last post. . .

Then I looked at the cards sitting on my desk which I had received from Kerry last week.  Am I the Mystery Spot that he was referring to?
At first glance, it does seem that he sent the entire Cubs roster to me. Let me prove it to you in photographs!

Here's a green Cracked Ice Hack Wilson from 2013 Panini Cooperstown.  This is a very nice addition to my Hack collection.
Next up, a couple of prospect cards of guys who played Peoria. There was a guy who sat down the first line who would yell "Norwooooood" every time he came to bat or made a play. I love minor league baseball!
 Did you know I collect Matt Clement cards?  I do, but only from his days as a Cub.  He clinched a playoff spot for the Cubs in 2003 on the day I got engaged to my beautiful wife. GREAT DAY!
 More guys that I have collections of, including the VOGELMONSTER!
 Cubs greats from the past! I need more Randy Hundley cardboard. Stat.
 Nomah! Another guy I collect, but only his Cub-issued cards. These four represent a 40% increase in my Garciaparra collection.  Nice!
 I met Steve Trout and John Baker at the 2016 Cubs Convention. Both are known for their sense of humor and neither disappointed when I was able to talk to them.
 Javy!  Doing Javy type things.  Of all the Cubs big name prospect I thought he would be the bust, but he keeps proving me wrong.  (Which, I'm okay with.)
 Speaking of prospect busts: Bobby Hill, Corey Patterson, Felix Pie, and Kee-Seop Choi. Sigh.
 A pitcher batting?  That's pretty rare on cardboard these days.
 I'm bummed to learn there weren't any cartoons on the back of this Bazooka card.  C'est la vie.

Shiny Starlins!  I'm always one for a little alliteration. 
 Balls.  Must collect all of the baseballs.
 This 1995 Fleer card shows an MRI of Steve Tracshel's right leg. Another thing we don't see on cardboard too often.

I can't believe I didn't have this Hector Rondon rookie card until now. I guess that's what I get for not buying any flagship the last few years. 
 The Cubs won 17 games in April and Hector had a FIP of -0.37, but he only saved four games.  I guess that's what happens when the team's run differential is a bloated +71. I didn't know a FIP could be negative.  That's some stellar pitching.

 I always try to collect the Spring Fever cards Topps releases each year, but I missed the window this time around. Kerry came through BIG TIME!  That Heyward card may be photo-shopped, but it's still pretty bad-a$$.

A Rocky Cherry auto!  That's pretty neat!
 The package was loaded with Mark Prior cards . . . 
 Carlos Zambrano . . .
 Aramis Ramirez . . .
and Derrek Lee . . .  These guys carried the Cubs through the first decade of the 21st century.
 The Kerry Wood card on the right is #460 in my player collection.  Five hundred is within reach!

And the last card I'll show off . . . Matt Szczur, who played in Peoria, slugged his first career MLB grand slam earlier this week.  Congrats Matt!
Thanks for all of these wonderful Cubs cards, Kerry!  Anytime you need to rid yourself of blue cardboard I'll be waiting with open arms!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

He is THE #Supertrader

You know who I'm talking about. The man needs no description, but I'll offer up one anyways.

The man sends bricks of cards and sometimes they are mysteriously wrapped.
 He enjoys sending out serial numbered cards...
 and more serial numbered cards.
 Vintage.  Yeah, not an obstacle. Sometimes I picture him running around and scooping up vintage like the Hamburglar picks up hamburgers.
 He always takes the time to send cards for my player collections:
 Did I mention he likes to send serial numbered cards?
His packages always include cards that would cost me an arm and a leg at my LCS. I bet his LCS is run by a guy with a deep southern accent.

 Do you know what the prices of Arrieta's cards are going for in my neck of the woods?

The size of the card is no issue. Sometimes they are five cards thick!
He also knows I dig shiny cards and that I want to be like Anthony Rizzo when I grow up.

This individual seemingly has infinite supply of autographed cards to dish out.
 And look, they are all prospects and/or rookie cards!  Mmmmmm... an acetate card!
 He knows I dig the prospects and guys who played in Peoria.  Hello, Justin Bour!
 Did I mention he always sends player collection guys?  THE VOGELMONSTER!  BOOOOOOOM!
 That is one sick autographed card.  What a way to end the first brick of cards!

Ooooooooh...  mysterious! Let's see what's inside!
 More autos of prospects and/or rookies.  Sean Gallager is a former Peoria Chief, nice!
 Rare refractors and parallels?  Yeah, he dishes those out as though they are candy from a parade float.

 I can't seem to remember.  Did I mention he likes sending me player collection guys?

Lastly, he sends out big-time hits. I'm talking about autos, relics, 1/1s, printing plates and apparently graded cardboard can now be added to that list.
 Holy smokes. HOLY SMOKES!
He's no Bringer of Rain, but I hear that Kris Bryant guy is pretty good.
He is the Most Interesting Man in the World the King of the #Supertraders!

Wes, thank you for the cards!  I promise my next package will bring some rain to your neck of the woods.