Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cubs Convention Calendar: February

"The Construction of Weegham Park, later known as Wrigley Field, underway at the corner of Clark and Addison.  The project lasted sixty days: February 23, 1914, to Opening Day, April 23, 1914."

The caption of the photo for February states it took sixty days to build the ballpark?  Well, when one figures that it only held 14,000 people when it was first erected I guess sixty days isn't unfathomable, especially when there was no upper deck of bleachers to speak of.  Charles Weegham, the owner of the Federal League's Chicago Whales, paid roughly $250,000 to build the ballpark.  Weegham's money came through a local chain of quick-lunch places and not coincidentally Weegham Park operated the first permanent concession stand within a ballpark.

The Federal League went bankrupt two years later and Weegham sold the ballpark to William Wrigley, Jr., and it's been the home of the Chicago Cubs ever since.  Wrigley Field is the second oldest ballpark in operation (Fenway Park) and it is the only venue in operation to once be the home of a Federal League team.

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  1. Tom, just a small correction.....Weeghman didn't sell the park to Wrigley, he bought the Cubs and moved his new team into his park. Wrigley was a minority partner and he slowly bought his way up to majority owner, then sole owner of the team and the park.

  2. I had it my head that Wrigley bought Weegham out, park included, and then Wrigley moved the Cubs in. Seems more romantic that way. No?
    Being a minority owner, then slowly buying out the other owners is not nearly as sexy.

    Thanks for dropping the knowledge on me!