Tuesday, February 18, 2014

40? 40 what? Degrees?

The thermometer actually goes that high?

Yep, there's a chance later today that we may see forty degrees.    I know it's my own fault for living in the midwest, but I'm tired of winter.

We all make do as best we can.

Exhibit A: my cat, Gus, finding a ray of sunshine to sun himself.
 Exhibit B: our "new to us" ping pong table.  A nice way to let the competitive juices flow during the cold months.
We purchased this used table, for a song I might add, about six weeks ago.  I can't believe I haven't posted a picture until now.

In other news, my wife has dominated the ping pong action in our basement so far, save one night that I don't dare bring up.

I can't wait until things really start to melt away and I can go outside.  Let me rephrase that... I still go out, but I'd like to have full range of motion of all my extremities rather than bundling up like Randy from A Christmas Story.
 Pitchers and catchers have already reported and March is less than two weeks away.  Hopefully, I'll be worrying about water in my basement before too long!


  1. Pingpong...what memories! I wonder if I still "got it"? Let's try a game sometime. Gus can referee!

  2. It felt great today. Now it's time to brace for the blizzard on Thursday. Good Grief! Kitty has the right idea. Awesome looking table. Looks like you could entertain pros on that thing.

    1. Yeah, it's a pretty sweet table. We're excited about it!