Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Prowling Cat Surprise Me

I wasn't expecting a package.  Wes, from the super generous JBF blog, is sending me PWEs at random times, but everything I had recently bought through and eBay had already arrived. 

Then... Poof!

A yellow bubble mailer was sitting in my mailbox. How cool is that?  Man, if I could only bottle up that feeling of child-like exuberance.

Zenus, from The Prowling Cat, dropped a mini package on me of '91 Donruss for my set and some Cubs goodness.  I was missing around ninety cards from the '91 Donruss set and Zenus sent some serious star power my direction to help out.  Check out these names...  including the bottom row! 

How about those Cubs! 
If you go by alphabetical order by city name, then they are currently atop the NL Central standings.  Never mind there's about two feet of snow in my backyard from the last four snow falls.

My favorite from the stack of cards was the Diamond Kings card of Bill Buckner.  Although, I can't help but feel like the artist underestimated the actual bushiness of Buckner's eyebrows.  No?

The '83 Topps card of Big Lee Smith is pretty sweet, too!

Thanks for the package, Zenus.  I'll be sure to put you on my "need to send something" list!