Monday, February 3, 2014

Tired of Waiting

Where is PWE #4?  Last week I contemplated as to whether I would move on or wait for the missing PWE.  Posh.

I haven't bought any 2014 Topps Series 1 and I woke up this morning with an itch to open something.  Thank goodness I still have a mini-stack of PWEs from Wes to turn to.

Hello PWE #5!

 Nothing's better than starting the morning off right with a smiley on a pink post-it!
Why, Bob Hendley does look like a nice guy.

How nice was Bob?  Well, on September 9th back in 1965 he pitched a complete game one-hitter and allowed the Dodgers to walk away the vcitors.  Guess who was on the mound for L.A. that day.  None other than Sandy Koufax who threw baseball's 8th perfect game.   This was also the last time the Cubs were no-hit.  But naturally, since I mentioned it, the Cubs will be no-hit at least twice in 2014. 

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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