Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Updated Want List: 2017 Fire

My want list for 2017 Topps Fire is down to the cards listed below.  I have one copy of the Sandberg card, but I'd like to add one to the player collection as well. So, his name remains on the list.
1 Kris Bryant - Chicago Cubs - Paul's TTM Blog
6 Freddie Freeman - Atlanta Braves - Remember the Astrodome!
10 Chris Sale - Boston Red Sox - Paul's TTM Blog 
37 Eric Hosmer - Kansas City Royals - Remember the Astrodome!
39 Paul Goldschmidt - Arizona Diamondbacks - Paul's TTM Blog
45 Pedro Martinez - Boston Red Sox - arpsmith
50 Mike Trout - Los Angeles Angels - Paul's TTM Blog
61 Mookie Betts - Boston Red Sox - Remember the Astrodome!
64 Steven Wright - Boston Red Sox - arpsmith
90 Dellin Betances - New York Yankees - Roy-Z
92 Edwin Encarnacio  Cleveland Indians - Roy-Z
114 Ryne Sandberg - Chicago Cubs - arpsmith
120 Clayton Kershaw - Los Angeles Dodgers - Paul's TTM Blog
168 Giancarlo Stanton - Miami Marlins - card show purchase
175 Nolan Arenado - Colorado Rockies - Remember the Astrodome!
178 Jose Abreu - Chicago White Sox - arpsmith
199 Rougned Odor - Texas Rangers - arpsmith

I want to thank those who have helped me reduced my want list over the past few weeks.

First we have cards from gcrl, of cards as I see them:

Cardboard from the baseball card blogging godfather, Night Owl:

A nice lot of cards from Matt at Sport Card Collectors:

 Next up are cards from Judson, the author of My Cardboard Habit:
Wait, that's not what Judson sent. Actually, I can't find the picture of the cards Judson traded me. Sorry, Judson!  So, I just inserted my favorite card from the set instead. It is what it is.

 Lastly, we have a delivery from everybody's favorite dime box scavenger, Nick:
Many of the above bloggers sent extra Cubs cards my way with the Topps Fire cards for my set build. My favorite was this Rod Beck card. He was quite a character. RIP Shooter.
I believe this Beck card came from Nick.
Thanks for all the help, guys!

If you have any of the above cards sitting in your collection, please let me know.  I would love an opportunity to work out a trade.


  1. I have 5 I can send your way:
    45 Pedro Martinez - Boston Red Sox
    64 Steven Wright - Boston Red Sox
    114 Ryne Sandberg - Chicago Cubs
    178 Jose Abreu - Chicago White Sox
    199 Rougned Odor - Texas Rangers

    I am down to just needing, unfortunately one of them is the big one. Can you help me at all?

    38 Jonathan Villar
    47 Lou Brock
    62 Aaron Judge
    128 Carlos Correa
    172 Roberto Osuna

    1. I've got Villar, Correa and Osuna.
      I'll look for Judge and Brock this weekend at P-town's annual card show! Thanks for the set help!

  2. Even though this set never caught fire with me, there's no denying the Rizzo is hot stuff!

  3. I've got Kershaw, Sale, Trout, Goldschmidt, and Bryant in front of me right now. They're yours if you still need them.