Monday, November 27, 2017

Part 4: Vogelbach on 2017 Cardboard

I'm still hunting multiple websites for Dan Vogelbach cards which have eluded me during the 2017 baseball card collecting year, but the chase is finally starting to slow. I figure by the time I finish this series of posts we'll be counting down the days for 2018 Topps Series 1 to hit the shelves.

I'm going to go in chronological order from the first cards produced to the most recent. Each post will contain all of the Dan Vogelbach cards I've acquired from that set and I'll make a short mention of the ones I'm still on the look out for.

Round 4: 2017 Topps Stadium Club

I have always been a big fan of Stadium Club. I saw the design for this year's set early on in 2017 and decided I would build the set. I had to double back once I realized how many products Vogelbach was probably going to be in. I picked up a blaster of the product and called it good.
Above are the 5"x7" cards. I think there were only two made. The gold on the left is number out of 10. Oooooh... Ahhhhhh...

For the record, stadium Club is known for its photography and although dugout shots aren't terribly common, I wasn't wowed with the photo selection for Vogelbach's card. I think my expectations may have been a little too high for a rookie most people haven't heard of (yet).
I was able to secure the gold foil, black foil, sepia and the low numbered "Members Only" parallel for very good deals.  I did make a mistake and bought what was touted as a "black and white" parallel of Vogelbach's card only to find out it was a sepia card.  Duplicate!  Live and learn I suppose.
 Yes, I got sucked into another Topps Vault blank back purchase. Not the first and not the last. Again, please don't judge!

Autos!  Why we need autograph parallels is something I'll never know.
 Guess which one was the best deal?  Well, the base was the cheapest to add and you can probably still pick one up off of Ebay for $4 shipped if you wanted. I was able to pick up the one in the bottom right, numbered to 5, for a shockingly low price. Ladies and gentlemen, don't allow your auctions to end after midnight if you want a bidding war at the end to drive up the price.

2017 Stadium Club Haves (12):

2017 Stadium Club Needs (5):
#298 - Topps Stadium Club (Rainbow Foil), #/25
#298 - Topps Stadium Club (First Day Issue), #/10? - Acquired on 12/09/17
#298 - Topps Stadium Club (Gold Rainbow Foil), 1/1
#SCA-DV - Topps Stadium Club (Rainbow Foil Auto), #/10
#SCA-DV - Topps Stadium Club (Gold Rainbow Foil Auto), 1/1

Of the five I need, I haven't seen any of them come through on Ebay yet. I occasionally look at the other websites, but there's been no luck on Sportlots, COMC, or JustCommons either. I'd like to add the Rainbow (non-auto), but I have to find it first!

I hope you are enjoying this series. So far it's been fun to rehash a summer chock full of Vogelmonster purchases!


  1. If I find any you need I'll send you a link asap.

  2. You're doing well. We need to find you that First Day Issue and the 1/1!!!!

    1. There's a First Day Issue I'm watching on Ebay right now... I just hope the bidding doesn't go too high!

  3. What do you think if the photo was the original?

    1. Shoot... I wish it were a Cubs uniform. I had no idea this was a photoshop job.