Friday, November 24, 2017

Cards from SCC

It looks like I've fount a new trading partner in Matt from Sport Card Collectors. He's a Rodney Hampton super collector, which means I get to shop when looking for material to send his way. Double bonus!

Let's see what he sent my way this time!
 Ahhhh!  Another Cubs World Series related card from Update. Again, I need more of these for other binders.  Hit me up if you one!
 I'd like the Cubs re-sign Davis for 2018 and beyond. I know he can't pitch much better than what he did in 2017, but I think he can be solid as the last man out of the bullpen for a few more seasons.
 More Update goodness!  Woo-Hoo! Have an extra copy of the "History Makers"? Let me know! I could use another copy of the Duensing card, too.  Hoping to meet him at the Cubs Convention in January for an in-person autograph.
 Miiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiis!  Zobrist and Dawson are two of my favorite Cubs ever. Hard to go wrong with these two guys. Great athletes and even better human beings.
Lastly, we have a negative parallel or black & white parallel of Kyle Hendricks from 2017 Topps Chrome. Honestly, this card is kind of freaky-scary. It looks like Kyle, who is about as mild-mannered as Clark Kent, has some serious demons to exorcise. Am I right?

Thanks for the cards, Matt!  I'll see what I do about send something your way before the calendar turns to 2018.


  1. Glad you enjoyed my friend! More to come :)

  2. I still have yet to see one of those Negative parallels in-hand. I'll reserve judgment until that day comes, but from here, they look...weird.