Sunday, November 26, 2017

Set Help and Bonuses!

I love getting back to my roots.  In this case, the roots I am referring to are my set building roots.  Ripping, sorting, collating, creating a checklist, hunting down those needed cards... all the while enjoying the photography on the front and reading the backs and absorbing as much information as I can. 

That's how I did it twenty-five years ago and even now the process has only slightly changed. The addition of trading is the only difference. And, what a difference it makes! Honestly, I think it's my favorite part and I wonder how I got along all those years ago with the internet and baseball card blogging buddies. 

Adam, from ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession, reached out to me with a small list of 2017 Topps Fire cards he needed. Miraculously, with the help of a couple of card show finds, I was able to fill his entire list.
He sent some cards back and I'm so happy he did! Adam is the EIGHTH blogger who has helped me piece his set together.  How cool is that?
 I only need one card now. Edwin Encarnacion. Can you help?
I had a copy of this Sandberg, but now I have one for the player collection!  Woot!
Parallels! I love how shiny the parallels are in this set. Just wonderful!

Extra Cubs mojo!  
I didn't even know there was an MVP insert set. Nice.   Brett Anderson gold parallel.  I really was hoping he could have been healthy and effective in 2017... sigh.

Thanks for the set help and thanks for the trade, Adam!

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  1. They're coo0l looking. Maybe some time I'll pick up a Cubs set.