Thursday, November 9, 2017

Blog Bat Around: Vogelmonster to Bacon

Collecting Cutch challenged the blogosphere and I'm always up for a Blog Bat Around.

Let's see if I can somehow get Dan Vogelbach, aka The Vogelmonster, connected to Kevin Bacon in six degrees or less.
Kevin Bacon was in JFK with Tony Plana.

Tony Plana appeared in Gojira (1984).

Kei Satō

Kei Satō played a role in the Godzilla film and also acted in Onna to Misoshiru with Masakazu Tamaru.

Masakazu Tamaru
Masakazu Tamaru was in a movie called Furuhata Ninzaburo: Final Dance. You'll never guess who also had a role in the movie.

Yes, Ichiro Suzuki. Didn't see that coming did you?

Ichiro played on the 2011 Seattle Mariners with Felix Hernandez and Kyle Seager.
King Felix and the older Seager both player with Dan Vogelbach in 2017.
How about that. Six degrees! I think I could have shortened it by using Vogelbach's past ties to the Cubs and gone the Mark Grace route, but that had already been done by Tony Burbs.

Ichiro, for the win!

That was a fun exercise and certainly something different. Nice idea, Collecting Cutch.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow - well done! That was a very interesting route that I definitely did not see coming.

  2. Very creative. First one of these I've seen with Ichiro involved.

  3. I thought that pic of Tony Plana was Jason Kidd for a second. I was like "woah this is gonna get weird."