Thursday, March 23, 2017

Zippy Zapped, '17 Edition

I'm six days into spring break and I'm just now finding enough time to knock out a blog post. Zippy Zappy sent me a Cubs-centric padded mailer last week and I've got the cards from this mailer separated into four different parts. Ready?

A ZZ Custom!

Spring training will come to a close for most teams in about ten days and I'm still waiting to see what happens with Luis Torrens. Hopefully, it's better news than what The VOGELMONSTER received today. One thing is for sure: it's an exciting time of year for baseball fans!

Part II: American Based Baseball Cards
 I remember when Micah Hoffpauir came up and sent Cubs fans into a craze. He was the hottest thing at my LCS, which tells you all you need to know about the Cubs in 2009. Paul Hoilman manned first base for the Peoria Chiefs in 2012, and then just like that he retired from baseball. I suppose Hoilman's proclivity to strike out and the emergence of Anthony Rizzo at his position may have forced his hand. Regardless, I love me some chromey refractory goodness!
 Ryan Harvey, another former Peoria Chief, was a former #1 draft pick of the Cubs who did not pan out. I think he may be the last Chief to record 100 RBIs in a season.

 Koyie Hill was a fan favorite of mine and Soriano won me over as well, although not until his last season in Chicago.
 The Hawk! 
I can't say that I remember the game described on the back of the card. My best memories of Dawson are the bleacher bums bowing down to him when he returned to right field after clobbering a homer. Good times!

Part III: Japan Based Baseball Cards
This is where the package gets really cool. I don't have access to cards from Japan, but ZZ found a few cards for a humble guy from P-town on his latest trip. 
 I'm still collecting Kosuke Fukudome, but things have really slowed as of late. Baseball Magazine has upped their game with the foily Genesis brand. The 2016 edition is on the left and the 2015 edition is on the right. Under Fukudome's name on 2015 card is the following quote, "Play for victory as a united body. The players always show the team spirit."  That's pretty cool.

 I've watched enough Japanese baseball highlights on YouTube to know that the giving of flowers happens from time-to-time to celebrate accomplishments. I really like the flowery design commemorating Fukudome's 2000 combined hits between MLB and Japanese Central League.  I'm up to 160 different Fukudome cards Nice!

 Kyuji Fujikawa didn't have much success stateside, but I still went all-in with a player collection of him when the Cubs sign him. Turns out Fujikawa and Fukudome were teammates last year for the Hanshin Tigers.
 Lastly, Zippy Zappy sent me some Asia Edition Bowman cards. I like the potential of both Morrison and Kellogg, but they need some more seasoning down on the farm.
Donnie DeWees was sent to Kansas City for Alec Mills this winter. I was never a big fan of DeWees, but that's only because he was constantly out shined by the guy drafted ahead of him, Ian Happ.

Part IV: The Repack!

I love a good Zippy Zappy Repack, but unfortunately I don't have any spare packs laying around the house. I'll have to make a trip to my LCS to pick up something good to pit against this Yu Gi-Oh! Monster League Battle Pack.  So, stay tuned for a Pack Wars post coming soon!

Thanks for thinking of me on your vacation, Zippy Zappy!  I'm in the process of tracking down some cards to fit your new collecting tastes. Be patient, my friend.

Thanks for stopping by and reading! 


  1. Great package! The Japanese price tags are cool too.

    1. Yeah, I really like them as well. Which is odd, because I can't stand it when I have a penny sleeve and especially a top loader with a USD price tag on it. LOL

  2. Those Fukudomes and Fujikawa... :O I need to up my Japanese card collection!

  3. Glad you got the cards. As for a pack war, don't sweat it, my packs aren't the power houses they used to be.