Sunday, March 12, 2017

P-Town Tom Dances (Video)

So, yeah.  You remember that post about me stressing over dancing in front of the student body for the Prom Fashion Show? 

I promised you video if I could find it.  Well, I didn't find it, but my wife and I were on a double date last night and seconds after I had told the other couple about my dancing exploits they had the video up on their phone. I never thought to check YouTube. Go figure.

If you fast forward to the 55 second mark in the video you'll find me walking out on stage in a gray tux. This first dance is less than a minute long.

My second dance number comes at the end of the show and is at the 13:30 mark in the video below. I'm on the right, same gray tuxedo, but occasionally I'm not in the picture.  Just as well.
Thankfully I was paired with a social studies teacher who knew what she was doing! FYI, tickets were $2 at the door and all the proceeds ($1,300+) went to the Peoria Children's Hospital.

Okay, let's put all that dancing behind us and show some cardboard. I mean, that's why you come to this blog anyways, right? (Or do you just visit today to see me "dance" poorly?)

Steve, from Collating Cards, contacted me about a few Cubs cards which he thought I might have interest in. He wanted junk wax Mariners in return.

Who am I to argue? So I sent him the stack of cards pictured above.

What did I receive in return? 
 First up is another card for my Wrigley Field Celebrates 100 Years insert set build. I need just five more and then I can put this one to bed. Unfortunately, it's really six, because I still need a copy of this Sandberg card for the Ryno player collection binder.

 This card goes into my Cubs World Series Auto/Relic project. It's a pretty sweet looking piece of cardboard for sure.

 Lastly, it's a black parallel of Willson Contreras from 2016 Topps Update, numbered 56/65. I wasn't a fan of the smokey corners from 2016, but the pentagon honeycomb pattern is something the math teacher in me can definitely get behind. Very nice!

Steve, I dropped off the small brick at the post office this afternoon using one of those automated teller machines. A nice pile of Mariners should reach your door Wednesday. Thanks again for the trade!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. I have to know--is the title of this post a Doctor Who reference?

  2. I'll look and see if I have any dupes from the 100 years at Wrigley set that you need.

  3. Boogie Fever! It's contagious you know. 100 Years Ryno - I don't have it yet myself. Nice stuff from Steve!