Monday, March 27, 2017

A Quick PWE with a New Guy

Jason German's name is starting to circulate around the blogs a little bit as of late and he seems like a more than generous dude. He hit me up with an e-mail asking if I would be interested in some 2017 Series 1 Cubs cards. I asked what I could send back, but he was pretty adamant about not wanting anything in return. You know that doesn't sit well with yours truly, so I fired off a PWE post-haste.
 I'm working on a Cubs World Series binder and the Arrieta and Cubs card, below, will certainly make their way into pages.

This Kris Bryant card doesn't specifically mention the World Series, so it'll be added to the Kris Bryant player collection. Most Valuable Player is his second full season. Crazy.

This Schwarber was an unexpected toss in to the deal. I love extra cards!
 I think I have this card, but it's not refractory like this one. So, add another one to the Kyle Schwarber collection. Score!

Thanks for the quick and easy trade, Jason!


  1. Glad you could find a use for the Schwarber! Thanks for your return envelope as well!

  2. Excellent trade post. I'm no longer the NKOTB!

    1. Yeah, and you're "hangin' tough" with the rest of us! (Why do I still know NKOTB lyrics?)

  3. Jason is great addition to the community! Youthful exuberance - and he plays baseball!