Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Cards from the Cardboard Clubhouse

Adam, the proprietor of Cardboard Clubhouse, and I were both part of the original Super Traders group back in the day. Well, I guess that was 2016... can I really say "back in the day" in this situation?

Ahhh... whatever.

Nevertheless, I found some pretty swell trading partners through the Super Traders group, and I would list Adam among them.

I went to the Cubs Convention in January of 2016 and got the autographs of Steve Trout and Jay Johnstone. 
 Steve Trout was the one listed as the designated signer, but Johnstone and he must good friends. The two of them were at the same table and were very talkative. The were having the best of times with the fans. Isn't that way a fan-fest should be?
 I don't have too many Leon Durham cards in my collection and this is a great looking card from one of my favorite Topps designs.
 Moreland and Fergie!  Fantastic!
 Just four more of my favorites: Assenmacher, The Penguin, Jim Frey, and Slammin' Sammy.

Adam mentioned he included some Hall of Famers for my HOF binder project.
 Jim Palmer and Gaylord Perry from the 1973 Topps sets. Vintage!  I love it!

  Man, I really like these Sporting News All-Time All-Stars. What a great subset within the 1977 Topps set.
 What's really cool about these is they also have full career stats on the back. That's the only way to go for a Hall of Fame career!

Now, here's a dilemma.  Should this card go in Ty Cobb's slot or George Sisler's?
I'm not sure right now, but I'll get it figured out eventually. I think I'll have to re-work my HOF checklist this summer to delineate between vintage and modern day cards. All of the ones Adam sent me would get a check mark in the "vintage" column and would be tough to upgrade.

Thanks for the great assortment of cards, Adam.  I especially appreciate the help with my HOF project!

And as always, thanks for stopping by and reading!


  1. You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed the cards and that the HOF cards helped out. Also, thanks for the kind words about being a good trading partner. It's much appreciated.

    1. No problem! They were easy words to say, because they're true.

  2. All Time All Stars - a great subset. I want to put that one together. Nice stuff from the Clubhouse!