Saturday, November 14, 2015

Dodger Fans Like Me - Part II

Welcome to the final installment of my mini series, Dodger Fans Like Me. Let's be honest here: there are more Dodger bloggers out there than any other team and the odds of me receiving cards from two Dodger fans in back-to-back days isn't all that outrageous.

I hosted a contest some time back and Night Owl won.  I sent a prize package of cards his way and I was genuinely surprised when a return package landed in my mailbox. 

Actually, when I saw the first item I about fell out of my chair.  No seriously, I almost did!  I have a new-to-me desk chair and I forgot that it can tilt backwards.
 I'm not sure if Greg picked this up from someone else, or how he came across this National Sports Collectors Convention corporate exhibitor pass, but it is sooooo sweet!  I'm going to find a Cubs lanyard and hang this on the wall in the man room!

If that weren't enough, there were cards in the package as well:
 I just blogged about this card yesterday.  Or did I?  I did not!
Night Owl sent me the gold version and garvey cey russell lopes sent me the silver.  It's funny how this hobby works, isn't it?  Before yesterday I didn't even know this card existed and now I have its parallel!

Here's Javy getting the First Home Run insert treatment.  Nice!  I actually remember listening to this game on the radio.
 More Topps Update!  With the addition of Russell and Bryant I think I'm getting close to the Update Cubs team set.
 Nope, check that.  I think I still need two or three of the Bryant cards.  Go figure. 
Matt Szczur is one of my favorite former Peoria Chiefs.  I wonder if he'll get a shot next year if the Cubs don't resign Dexter Fowler.  Is it me, or does Strop's hat alllllllmost look straight in that picture? 

Ooooooh!  It's a sparkly cognac refractor from 2011 Topps.  Sorry Gavin, this one's staying in my collection.

Ernie!  I'm a sucker for reprint cards even if they don't have the feel of actual vintage. Send them all to me!
 I wish the backs of modern cards would bring back cartoons and trivia.  Good stuff.
 Gary Scott and Casey McGehee.  McGehee put together a decent career, but third base was a revolving door until Aramis Ramirez came to town.  Hopefully Kris Bryant will carry the torch at the hot corner for the foreseeable future. 
 Did you know that 2014 Topps Heritage had gray back variations?  I didn't.
 Lastly, a card for my slowly growing Dillon Maples collection.  Seriously.  I have a Dillon Maples collection!
Mr. Night Owl, thank you so much for the cards and a BIG thank you for the National pass of Kerry Wood! The underlying reason for me holding the contest was for me to make room in my trade box, not to coerce another blogger into sending me cards. I honestly wasn't expecting cards in return, but I'm certainly not complaining.  Let me know if you're interested in any Donruss puzzle pieces, I think I could help you out some!

And, that concludes the Dodger Fans Like Me series . . . or does it?   Thanks for stopping by everyone!

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  1. You're absolutely welcome. I seem to be stumbling across more and more cool Cubs cards.