Monday, July 20, 2015

What Can Some Archives Giants Get Ya?

I offered up to Adam, the proprietor of ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession, all of my Giants mojo from the Nachos Grande case break.
Adam is one of my earliest trading partners and he always sends some terrific stuff.  And in accordance with last week's pull tab awareness campaign, Adam demonstrates that he knows how to wrap up a trade package. Nice!
 On to the cards!
 This package was heavy on the Javy.  I really like the Elite Series insert from Donruss (Panini).  So shiny and refractory!

The Spring Fever sub set from Topps has been one of my favorites the past few years.  There aren't too many cards that have Lester in a Cubs' uniform, so this one is certainly welcome!

I miss the Rated Rookies from the 80s and 90s.  I hope Soler gets back into a groove now that he is healthy again.

Oh!  A Corey Patterson relic . . . of pants!
I wish there would have been a pin stripe, but the serial number is a nice a touch.

A relic of Carlos Pena, who had a very short lived career as a Cub. More pants per chance?

I'm still waiting for Almora to kick it into high gear in the minors, but I'm starting to believe that Theo & Company missed on their first #1 draft pick with the Cubs.  Sigh.

 What do we have here?  Fake vintage and silver foil stamped vintage. I actually didn't know Lee Elia played for the Cubs; I only know him from his manager days and his tirade in front of the press after a tough loss to the Dodgers back in 1983.

Here, take a listen, but please realize that it's NSFW.

Hey, Mendy!  Shiny Mendy and Mendy on card autographs of Mendy.
  I'm a firm believer that we haven't seen the best of Arismendy Alcantara yet.  It may not be with the Cubs, but I think he'll have a nice career.

Here are two of my favorite Cubs.  Wada is a bada$$ and Rizzo is everything you would want in a sports role model. FWIW, I think the gold bordered Topps cards are the best this year, because they seem a little less busy than the regular base cards.


More Miiiiiiiinnnnnnnnniiiiiis!!!!!  The Ryne Sandberg in the top row is new to my collection.

 As are the 2015 Topps Heritage and the 2013 Panini Cooperstown . . .

And so is this 2012 Panini Coopertsown blue cracked ice parallel! 
I'm up to 772 different Ryne Sandberg cards in my player collection.  I love it when bloggers do their research for trade packages.

Adam, that was truly a fantastic trade package!  Lots of great cards and maybe a couple of possible additions to my Cubs FrankenSet as well.  Hopefully the Lee Elia will fit in . . . that would be great.

Again, thanks for another fantastic trade!


  1. All great cards but the gorgeous blue Sandberg ICE - that is truly awesome stuff!

  2. If Soler can regain his mojo (which it looks like the monster is awakening) and Schwarber can produce, that would pretty much fix the offensive woes they've been dealing with. Also, those Spring Fever inserts are indeed phenomenal!

  3. Nice to see Adam is still alive. I sent him a little something a while back and I hope he got it.

    Anyway nice Cubbies. By all accounts Almora hasn't been great but I suppose there were always questions on his abilities with the bat (unlike many of the other prospects the Cubs had). He could still make for a nice trade chip though.