Thursday, July 30, 2015

Let's Play a Game of "Guess Which Card!"

I sent Josh, from Royals and Randoms, a few cards and he returned the favor with a nice little PWE the other day, and this was written on the back of the envelope:
Hmmm...  just one?  But there were five cards in the plain white envelope.   Let's try to figure out which one was the intended addition to my Cubs FrankenSet.

Here are the candidates from the PWE.  Make your selections as I'll break them down in a second . . .





. . . 

Make your selection(s)?  Good!  Here we go!

Card #1: Matt Bruback from 2003 Bowman's Best set.
 I really like the design of the set and it is not represented in my FrankenSet, but there's one HUGE problem.  This card doesn't have a legitimate number!  BB-MB?  Yeah, that doesn't help.  I need numbers 1 through 671!

Card #2: 1984 Topps card of Thad Bosley, #657.
 Any card numbered in the five or six hundreds has a fairly good chance at earning a spot in the FrankenSet, but not this time, Thad.

Because I was too young to know Thad during his playing days he loses out to gold parallel of Aaron Heilman and his one mediocre season as a Cub reliever.

Yes, the selection process is very cut throat.  I hope Josh was not intending on Thad making the checklist.

Card #3: A great baserunning card of Corey Patterson from 2003 Upper Deck, #410.
 It's a nice looking card and a fairly high number, but Corey already has six cards in my set.  Including this one would up his total to SEVEN and eliminate the only card of have of Sandy Martinez.  I can't do it, folks.

 You may wonder who Sandy Martinez is and I suppose I don't blame you.  I'm a humungous Kerry Wood fan and Sandy Martinez will always be remembered as the catcher who called Wood's twenty strikeout performance, which happened in only his fifth big league start. Perhaps I give Martinez too much credit, because the way Wood's pitches were moving I don't know that Sandy had to do too much thinking back there. Wood made most of the Astros look pretty helpless on that day.

With two cards left I still haven't found the "one".

Card #4: 1994 Topps Stadium Club card of a ferocious Willie Wilson, #311.

 This is an easy decision.
Sanderson has four cards in the set, Wilson has one.  1988 Topps is probably over represented in the FrankenSet, while mid 90s Stadium Club cards are pretty scarce.  And to top it off, Willie is screaming on the base paths.

Like I said, easy choice.  Willie, you're in!

Here's the last card in the PWE. A second entry into the FrankenSet isn't out of the realm of possibility, is it?

Card #5: Moises Alou's high school year book pose from 2002 Upper Deck, #654.
 Woo-Hoo!  This must be the card Josh intended to make the set!  Why?  Well, because there was a vacant slot where card #654 is supposed to reside.  Nice!  Now I only have thirty missing cards in my Cubs FrankenSet

Well done, Josh!  If you, the reader, picked the Willie Wilson and Moises Alou cards, then give yourself a pat on the back.

Thanks for playing along, folks!


  1. Wait - so you're telling me that my lucky number (BB-MB) isn't legitimate? How dare you!

    But seriously, some nice cards there. Those same Sandy Martinez and and Willie Wilson cards can be found in my CATRC.

  2. How in the hell are you only 30 cards short of a frankenset???? I am barely halfway thru, if that. Frigging duplicate numbered cards.

    1. It's all of the junk wax! The back end of my FrankenSet is just full of junk wax! Mwuhaha! I knew it would come in helpful for something.

  3. Yay! Glad it arrived.

    The Moises was the one that was clearly intended. I had high hopes for both Willie and Thad to make it in. Willie for the obvious reasons you mentioned. I just thought the Thad screamed "Cubs!" to me, with the team-name on the left, two pictures both with the big "C" logo prominently displayed on front, and team logo on the back. I'm sorry you didn't love him as much as I did. :-)