Saturday, July 4, 2015

3 PWEs for the 4th

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday.    Today I have three plain white envelopes to share with you from blog reader David, who hails from our 49th state.

Here's PWE #1: Cubs Goodness!
 Those are not your standard '88 Fleer cards above.  You're looking at a couple of Miiiiinnnnnniiiiiis!

The Post cereal Gracie is another new one to my collection.  The 2012 Archives Dunston SP may be a repeat, but now I can place this one in my unofficial Dunston player collection while the other one resides in my Cubs FrankenSet. 

Archives has produced some cool inserts in the last five years, and this cloth Starlin Castro is no exception.

Lastly, Mr. Kris Bryant from Series 2. 
This Bryant goes into the FrankenSet.  Scott Sanderson had five cards in my set, which made it an easy decision to replace his 1985 Topps card (#616) with my first Kris Bryant addition.  Out with the old and in with the new!

And now onto PWE #2: Autograph Mojo and Shiny!

 Ephemera?  Yeah.  I need to use that word on the blog more often.  Well played, David.  Well played.

 "Thanks for supporting MDA  Best Regards" Ron Cey. Thanks, Ron!

Here's the Sandberg David mentioned and it was accompanied by Javier Baez, who has already resumed baseball activities after breaking his finger less than four weeks ago.
The Ryno isn't new, and I can't remove the 2013 Topps emerald parallel of the be-speckled Kevin Gregg, which shares its number in the FrankenSet.  But no worries, I will find a good place for it!

And lastly, PWE #3: Who is to argue with more PWE bombs?

Again, another fantastic Ryno and an uber shiny Rick Wilkins Leaf Limited card.  The randomness of these PWEs has been nothing short of spectacular.

 And here's the aforementioned photo variation of this year's Baez Diamond King card.  Nice!

Thanks again for the great Cubs cards, David! I plan to have something out to you before school is back in session.
Have a safe and enjoyable holiday, everyone!


  1. That Ron Cey is pretty awesome - do you know the origin of that oddball? Something to do with MDA?

  2. The UD Sandberg is nice...yet another that I do not yet own. ;)