Sunday, July 26, 2015

One Pack of Donruss Elite (with a Hit!)

So I stopped by LCS last week to pick up a screw down case for my glorious Kris Bryant Topps Archives autograph and the case seemed a little lonely when the owner was ringing up my purchase.  So, why not a pack of Panini's Donruss Elite?

 Five cards for five bucks seems a little steep, but I needed a pack of cards to open!

Card #1: George Springer
I feel like I've mentioned ad nauseum how much I enjoy the Astros orange jersey tops.  Please. Thank you.  More, please!  Springer is a nice pull, but I unfortunately liken him to Javier Baez: to be serviceable major league players they are going to have to learn to cut down on the strikeouts. Springer seems to be having a little more success with that task this year.  Hopefully Baez can manage to make more contact as well.

 Card #2: Starlin Castro
This one is a automatic win, because he plays for my team of choice. Although because of the lack of logos one could argue that he plays for the Pajama People.  In red, under the name, is the city and position for each player.
This pack is off to a good start.

 Card #3: Miguel Sano Future Threads Jersey
Sano was recently called up by the Twins so this is a nice pull. The dude is LARGE and he possesses some SERIOUS power. I heard he is 6'6", but only has him listed at 6'4". #growthspurts

 Card #4: Daniel Norris
 I like Norris quite a bit.  He put up some absurd strikeout rates in the minors and I think that will translate over to the major leagues eventually.

Card #5: Jose Altuve
Ahhhh, a nice card of a very good player wearing another beautiful orange uniform top. Altuve has already set a career high in homers this year, but I think the power surge is coming at the expense of his batting average, which is down nearly 50 points from last year's AL league leading mark.

Overall, this was a pretty good pack in my opinion. The cards are nice and sturdy, and outside of the missing logos my only complaint would be the backgrounds behind each player, which are kind of vacant and dull.


  1. Nice Sano. Hopefully he doesn't turn into Springer/Baez.

  2. I like the looks of those cards. I have a feeling Altuve could be a PC of mine in the near future. I might have to seek this card out.

    I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I love seeing your tally of games you've attended this year. I can't wait to see more.

  3. Can the Cubs trade Starlin to the Pajama People? Are they interested? Do they realize he swings and misses more than the inappropriately drunk dad at a child's birthday party who takes it upon himself to finish off the pinata?

    What city are those guys from anyway? Lazy Town?

  4. Not a bad name for your one hit. Congrats!