Monday, April 6, 2015

Are You Ever Fearful of a Trade Package?

Do you ever put off a package for a few days, or maybe even a week, because you're afraid to open it?  Let's get this straight: I'm never afraid of the contents . . . I deal with cardboard, remember?  It's more of a fear about appropriately paying the sender back for the contents of an unannounced package.  For example, JBF's packages freak me out.  Every. Single. Time.   I'm indebted to this man for the rest of my collecting days.

So my thought process goes like this: If I don't open package, then technically I'm off the hook. Then there's nothing to be afraid of! Right?

No.  I don't think it works that way.  So, I finally opened the package from Alaska.

David is a blog-less trader who has been popping up in many a trade post as of late.   I've traded with David before, but man, it was not easy.  My collecting tastes are broad: if it's a Cub then I'm all ears.  David's?  Not so much.   I'm not sure what I'm going to come up with for him this time around.

No worries about the blue tape, my friend.  Packages like this are glorious regardless.

I've heard of journal of baseball collectible's known as Cartwright's, but I've never seen one until now.  Actually, I have two!  The Griffey at the top of the post was accompanied by Frank Thomas.

 These are both from Volume #1 and are way cool.  The backs of each magazine have beautiful sketches of each player and inside there is a feature length article on the sluggers who grace each cover: The Kid and The Big Hurt.

Best of all, there's sports cards in the inside! 
 The A-C-E-S cards are my favorite, but Ryne Sandberg doesn't make an appearance here.

 Ryne wasn't a prospect in 1992 like Pedro Martinez, Jim Thome, or Chipper Jones.

 Wow, there are some big time names shown here: Aikman, Montana, Gretzky, Ripken, The Babe, and the Ryan Express.  So the Sandberg cards David mentioned have to be somewhere!

 Woo-Hoo!  Two Rynos as promised!  Wait, I've seen these before...

<P-town Tom runs down to the man room and takes a quick picture.>

I'm back!  Look what I found in one of my Sandberg binders!
I guess when I picked these up in my youth I didn't realize that they were part of an uncut sheet from a magazine publication.  I even have the A-C-E-S card.  Man, young collector me was so thorough.  I miss him.

David also sent some cards and there were some definite surprises!

 Raise your hand if you knew Leaf had any 2015 baseball product out.  Yeah, I didn't know either.
 This is my third different Sandberg card issued from 2015.  Oh, and there were two Billy Williams cards from this set in the package.  Guess who's getting a PWE?

Stickers!  I really like the design of the 2015 stickers.
 Topps Heritage!  Watch out AAA pitching, Kris Bryant is coming for you!

Legitimate vintage!

Pretend vintage Wrigley Field giveaways serial numbered to 20,000 or 30,000:

 Some minis from 2013.  Is it sad that none of these guys are on the 2015 roster?  How did Kyle Seager get in there?

What do you think would happen if I send this card to Wrigley Roster Jenga?  Hmmm...  would it make the CATRC set?  My gut says no.

Lastly, a really shiny Starlin Castro from Topps Chrome. The X-fractors are by far my favorite of all of the refractors.  Even the blue.

 David, that was quite a package of Cubs goodness!  I'm going to share a few pieces of it with a couple of Cubs bloggers I know and a Junkie who lives in the bayou.  Spread the wealth, you know?

And now, I have to face my fear . . . finding cards worthy enough to repay your magazine and cardboard generosity.  Wish me luck!


  1. I have never seen that gold-bordered Griffey hoisting the trophy. Was that in the Cartwright's?

  2. That Yeoman tchnically wouldn't make the CATRC but he would make the failed prospect add on set I've considered putting together. I love that his nickname is Yo! So much fun to be had with that.

    1. Coincidentally, the gold bordered Todd Van Poppel Players Choice from this magazine represented the guy in my CATRC until recently. Now, I know where the hell it came from!