Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Two in a Row from Houston

Yesterday I showed off a package from Julie, who is a misplaced Tiger fan currently living in Houston.  Today it's my pleasure to reveal the contents of PWE from Houston, from an actual Astros fan.
Bru, what are you up?

Man, I know I've made a name for myself with the blue tape pilgrimage that I have set out on, but . . . words escape me.

Well, at the bare minimum it looks as though I will be rewarded for unwrapping this overly taped PWE with 1992 Donruss card and a card of Starlin Castro.  Let's start unwrapping!

 Above we have a chef and a recording artist throwing out the first pitch; below is a left fielder singing the National Anthem.  It's a crazy world we live in.
 More 2015 Topps!  Nice.  And two of them will help build up my meager Arismendy Alcantara collection.
 I wish Panini would put out Triple Play again.  I'm still working on that blasted 2012 master set, but it's fun and it's cheap. 
Look, kids!  It's Shawon Dunston flying though the air with the greatest of ease!
 Annnnnnnd here's our 1992 Donruss card.  Straight to the Cubs binders!  Yes, I have mini player collection of Doug Dascenzo.  Admit it, everyone has a player collection of their favorite team's Doug Dascenzo.  Right?
 Annnnnnnnd... there's the Starlin Castro that I could make out through the YELLOW tape.  Nice.
 Remember folks, if you have Cubs prospects just laying around I'm your guy!
 Lastly, a couple more Starlin Castro cards to round out the PWE.
Thanks for thinking of me Bru!  My man room is in a little bit of an upheaval after The Leprechaun, but I know there's a Folynickswicz auto somewhere with your name on it.

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  1. Glad you liked the PWE. Just got your package on my end. Thanks Tom!