Sunday, April 21, 2013

Watching less baseball... already waiting 'til next year.

Yep, my Cubs are not very good right now.  We're not talking about them being Miami Marlins bad, but they aren't playing well.  Currently they stand at 5 wins and 12 losses, and they're on pace for a season record of 48 and 114.  They'll get things righted before too long and reel off a few wins, but I'm seriously starting to wonder if I'm staring at back-to-back 100+ loss seasons.


I can't just sit in the corner and wait for "next year" to arrive so I've found a few odds and ends to keep me occupied.

Exhibit A: Chainsawing with the family!  Last summer's heat was rough and it left four dead pine trees on my parents' property.  Poof!  They're gone now.

Exhibit B:  Yep, I wrestled with the sump pump and won.  It made for an interested evening and early morning in my basement. But, no worries though folks, the Man Room is dry!

Exhibit C: I'm the faculty sponsor of my high school's local chapter of the National Honor Society.  Our annual service project was to make fleece pull-tie blankets for the patients of the nearby cancer center.  We knocked out sixty blankets in about 90 minutes!

Oh, and I'm not the only one who's been working hard.  Gus has been spending a lot of time in his new box as of late.  He's slowly been tearing it apart, as only a narcoleptic-like cat can.

Fun times for all!  Well, except for poor Dale Sveum.

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