Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Teams should pay me to stay away.

I've been to four professional baseball games so far on the young season.  In fact, in the right margin you'll find where I'm documenting the games that I take in this summer.  In summary, two Opening Day losses, one at Wrigley and one at the Peoria Chiefs, another loss this past weekend in Chicago, and a loss by the Kane County Cougars the weekend before. 

Yep, the home team and I are 0 and 4 on the young season.  I took in about twenty games last year at different levels.  How long do you think it takes before they pay me to stay away?  

There hasn't been a ton of well played ball on either side, but I have enjoyed my outings and I've been able to snag a few nice pieces of memorabilia during the process.

Item A: Verification that I visited Wrigley on Opening Day!  No, it wasn't my first visit to Wrigley, but still pretty cool.  I feel bad for the girl that had to hand write these certificates all game long.  Ugh!

Item B:  How about a scorecard of the Low-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs that doesn't quite fit a thirteen inning game?  I continue to become more infatuated with Dan Vogelbach. His walk-up music is currently "Jump Around" by House Pain.  One of my favorites from the '90s!

Item B (different angle):  I really like the "old school" look to the front of the scorecard.  I can't wait to go back to see if they switch up the graphics on the cover during the season.

Item C:  How about the tickets from games at Wrigley?  I love that they feature baseball cards on them.  Banks is hands down the best to play shortstop in the history of the Cubs.  Here's to hoping that Castro turns it into a debate before too long!

Item D:  Awesome promotional giveaway alert!  Wrigley Wax already covered this one, so I'll just leave you with his summary.

Item E: Food!  Heck yeah!  The best so far was a barbecue pork chop sandwich from Kane County.

Can't forget my favorite treat at Wrigley:  The helmet Nachos!  I know these were just recently on the blog, but I've already made my way through two of these bad boys this season.  Thanks for the help, Jeff!

I can't wait to take in more games.  I'm just hoping that Mother Nature cheers up and realizes it's spring already!

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  1. I'll definitely have to try those helmet nachos the next time I go to Wrigley.