Thursday, April 11, 2013

PWE #5 of 6

They say that the MLB season is more of a marathon than a sprint.  I'm starting to think that documenting the PWE bombs is much the same!

Wes, from Jaybarkerfan's Junk, is the author behind such madness.  I think by the end of all of this I'm going to need a ten step recovery plan.  But hey, one man's junk is another man's treasure!

Thanks again, Wes!

Here's what was waiting for me in PWE Bomb #5:

 Another one of those 2008 Upper Deck Documentary cards.  I sure wish the Cubs would have done more in the playoffs that year.  Stupid, talent-laden Dodgers.

How about some modern day O-Pee-Chee?  I think this 2009 card qualifies as Samardzija's rookie card.  Man, he needed a haircut even back then!

The Red Baron!  Sutcliffe was my favorite Cubs pitcher of the '80s.  This one is from the '88 Fleer Baseball's Hottest Stars box set.  Very nice.  I love me some Rick Sutcliffe on cardboard!

 Another Shawon Dunston for my unofficial player collection!  This one is Shawon's rookie card from the '86 Sportflics set. I'm not sure how many bloggers would agree with me, but I miss Sportflics.

Five PWE bombs down. One PWE bomb and a large team bag to go!

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