Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Card Show Finds & First Dime Box

I ventured out of my little card collecting bubble the last two weekends and found two cards shows to attend in the Chicago suburbs.  Granted, the main reason for traveling northward was to catch a couple of games at Wrigley, but the Cubs aren't playing real well, so let's focus on the cards!

I found a binder that was labeled "6 for $5".  There appeared to be some vintage within.  Here's what piqued my interest:

 A pair from 1972.  If Killebrew would have played in a different market he would have been THE MAN.  Gibson was the man, and if you thought otherwise you had better watch out for a high and tight fastball!  Man, I wish I had an arm like his when I was pitching! 

I love me some Cubs!  A smilin' sweet-swinging' Billy Williams from 1973 and dinged up '67 Santo. 

 Three hall-of-fame pitchers on one card?  Heck yeah!  Not a baseball card, but I've always wanted one of those Michael Jordan UNC cards from back in the day.  Why not?
I would purchase vintage hall-of-famers at these prices any day!

I also found a milk crate of cards in "super saver" card sleeves.  The sign on the milk crate read, "5 for $1".  Cool.  Here's my five:
A Deckle Edge McCovey... and not one of those from 2012 Topps Archives.  Sweet find!
 I know Bo.  Bo knows awesome junk wax.  Twenty cents?  Yes, please.  May I have another?
 1980 Mike Schmidt.  A little faded on he front and off-centered, but it's still a pretty sweet card of perhaps the best all around third baseman ever.

A 1975 Boooooooog!  What an awesome shot!
 How about an '82 Mr. October?  I got Reggie home and flipped him over and learned a little about Lee Lacy.  Say what?
 Marvelous mis-cut! 

Last but not least, my first dime box!  I was really happy to find this little treasure, because there were only seven dealers at this particular show and I had some time to kill before making my trek to Wrigley.  I found 40 cards!  Four whole dollars!  I won't bore you with all of them, but I show off my favorite ten.  Be prepared for a bunch of Hall of Famers and one Cub!

A pair of Orioles!  An '82 Topps In Action and an '84 Ralston Purina Eddie Murray:
 A 1990 Bowman sweepstakes card of Nolan Ryan and a 1986 Rollie Fingers:
 '86 Wizard of Oz and and '85 Tony Gwynn:
 '83 Topps George Brett All-Star:
 Two sweet cards from the junk wax era!  The Kid from the '90 Upper Deck Mariners checklist and a '92 Score Dream team of the stolen base king:
 This whole time I've had that song, "One of these is not like the other" playing through my head.  Nine current or future members of Cooperstown and one 2004 Bowman Heritage card of Matt Clement.
Why Clement? Well, he's the guy that pitched the Cubs to a win that clinched a playoff spot in '03. I listened to that game on the radio as I drove 2.5 hours to Chicago to propose to my wife.  What a great day that was!  Laura's not a big fan of his facial hair, but he's a favorite in this house!

Others of note:  I found a '90 Ken Griffey, Jr. Donruss card.  Not his rookie, but his second issued card.  10 cents for arguably the best player of the 90's?  Were cards that over produced during the junk wax era?  My, oh my.

I wonder how Nick, from Dime Boxes, would rate my haul.  I think I did pretty well for a dime box rookie!


  1. I give your haul an A++++!

    Those 6/$5 vintage are great. I have both of those '72s in my collection, although yours are in far better shape than mine. That Deckle Edge McCovey for 20 cents is an awesome find!

    Of course, love your dime box pickups as well! The Fingers is one of my favorites from the '86 set, and anything of George Brett for a dime is a steal!

    Where were these shows, if you don't mind me asking? I've been looking hit some smaller shows around the Chicago area this summer before the National.

    1. The bigger of the two shows was in Orland Park. It had lots of vintage and at least a few dealers with 6 cards for $5.
      I use the following website to find shows to attend: http://www.beckett.com/venue_manager

      Thanks for the generous grade!