Sunday, April 7, 2013

PWE #2 of 6

Wes, of Jaybarkerfan's Junk, is most certainly a very generous dude.  I'm in the midst of a yellow bubbler that contained six plain white envelopes.

Here's  PWE #2:

1984 Topps Pitching and Batting Leaders!  Nice!
 Moreland is the color commentator for the Cubs' radio broadcasts and Fergie is in the Hall of Fame.  That's a nice card on a couple of levels!

Mon Dieu!  It's an O-Pee-Chee card from 1982.
 The back of the card is in French, Hector Cruz was born in Puerto Rico, and I'm a thoroughly confused American.  I think that covers all of our bases.  Nope, wait!  The back of the card says that Hector had two brothers that played in MLB: Jose and Cirilo.  Kudos to the Cruz family!  (Okay, so there was a little English on the back.)

 I have an unofficial Shawon Dunston collection.  Did I have an '87 Fleer Star Sticker?  No.  Do I have one now?   Heck yeah!  Thanks, Wes!

Add this next one to "I didn't know this card existed" file.
The Boys of Zimmer (Cubs of '89) were terribly fun to watch!  That was the first year I truly followed baseball and it was awesome.  The outfield featured "the Hawk" in right, the NL Rookie of the Year runner up in left (Dwight Smith), and the ROY winner in center.  Man, I thought our outfield was SET for the next few years for sure.

Regardless of what might have been, this is a pretty nice rookie card to add to my collection.

I love my Cubs!  Thanks again, Wes!

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