Thursday, April 18, 2013

Can you "Bip" yourself?

I participated in a break Thorzul's Repack Box Spring Break and the cards came this week.  I've done a couple of the repack boxes that Thorzul somehow tracks down and I find they are a great way to go if you're a team collector.  So, I jumped in and crossed my fingers that I would hit a Chicago Cub jackpot!

But, back to my question.  Can you "bip" yourself?  I always thought of the definition to read something like this:

bip - \'bip\ - verb - to be receive an inordinate number of the same card from another individual, often times in spite or jest

Why "Bip"?  Well it has to do with the insane amount of over produced Bip Roberts cards that are floating around the card universe.  I'm guessing some unsuspecting collector was once gifted a healthy stack of Bip Roberts' 1987 Topps card.  The rest is history.

See, I can even use the word in a sentence: Thorzul bipped me with a twenty-one card stack of Brooks Kieschnick cards in his recent Spring Break.

But wait, I gave him MONEY to participate in the break.  So, perhaps I brought this bipping on myself?

To be fair, the highest quantity of any given Kieschnick card in the break was only eight.

But still, for a guy who doesn't even own an '87 Bip Roberts, eight Brooks Kieschnicks is kind of a big deal.  Especially, when the bipping was self-inflicted. 

Random note of coincidence: I typed "bipping" into Google and the sixth suggestion was this blog entry from Thorzul.  And yes, now we've come full circle with this post.  Weird.

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