Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Simpsons Folder of Fun Addition - Part 4

 If you missed the first post of this series you can go here to catch up.

As promised, here is our 40-40 man. 

Canseco was one of the first baseball players I remember showing off and flexing his muscles for the press. He even looks pretty buff here drawn as a Simpsons character. 

I realize it's a completely fictitious world, but I'd like to know what Mr. Burns paid these guys to play for the company softball team. Do you think Canseco would have commanded the most? Or may they were all paid the same amount? Knowing Mr. Burns it probably wasn't very much. 

I hope you're enjoying the slow reveal of these cards. The softball team's second sacker is on deck!


  1. It'd be great if Canseco's dialogue in said fictional world were nothing but his tweets.

  2. Yeah you'd think Jose or Darryl as top paid. Wonder who was the top salaried player when the episode came out.

  3. I read somewhere that Jose insisted the writers make him look like a decent person in the ep so that's why he was distracted by saving a lady and her baby (and her cat, and her dryer) from a house fire. As opposed to what he was actually doing between games, lol.

    1. Lol. That definitely sounds like something Jose would do.