Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Simpsons Folder of Fun Addition - Part 11

 If you missed the first post of this series you can go here to catch up.

Darryl, Darrrryl, Darrrrrrrrrryl!

Another great looking card for sure. Note Strawberry's classic leg kick. Beautiful!

Nine home runs in nine at-bats and "Monty" Burns pulls him for Homer? I mean, you just can't beat that story line, right?

Not that anyone would be interested, but the artist, Justin Cousson, also has another Darryl Strawberry card for sale on his site, and many other players as well. 

Tomorrow we'll wrap up this little series with a couple of bonus cards. Thanks again for following along!


  1. That other Strawberry card he has for sale is pretty darn cool. Tempted to grab it and the Mattingly... but I'm trying to show some restraint (I want to buy a PS5).

  2. Superb card (that leg kick!) and write up. I remember that Shelbyville game like it was yestercentury. Really amazing performance. Thanks for sharing these super fun cards!