Saturday, April 3, 2021

Simpsons Folder of Fun Addition - Part 1

 Time for something fun and exciting! Have you guys seen these customs floating around on social media? 

I was first introduced to Justin Cousson's artwork on Twitter and immediately decided my Folder of Fun was would be incomplete without his Homer at the Bat customs from The Simpsons - Season 3, Episode 17.

I'm going to post his full set here, one card at a time, and we'll start with arguably the best card in the set. 

Homer is the man. I dig the artsy color background and I'm completely on board with the artist borrowing Topps' 1987 card design. 

The front of the cards are what originally caught my eye, but the detailed write-ups on the back are what convinced to purchase the set. 

I was lucky enough to find Cousson's website and snag a set in the middle of March. As you can see by the hand numbering there were only 100 sets available. If you're interested, then I'd jump on these soon. You could buy a 2021 Heritage blaster on the secondary market for roughly the same price. I think I made the right decision! 

See you tomorrow for the second card. Any guesses who we'll see next?