Sunday, April 18, 2021

A Post because Vogelbach was Trending

 I was out in the yard helping my wife set up soaker hoses in FIVE different beds when I came inside and saw a Twitter notification on my phone. 

Oh, Yeah?  Let's goooooo!  (Big time hat tip to PKS!

Guess which shirt I'm wearing today? My sister gave me this gem for my birthday two years ago. 
I think I wear this shirt every weekend. 😁

Also, the shirt is right on the mark, as the VOGELMONSTER went deep twice today. 

If you're into watch big guys destroy baseballs here are the links to home run #1 and home run #2.

Just for good measure, here's the latest Dan Vogelbach card I added to my collection this past week. It's another one of those parallels from the 2011 Donruss Elite Extra Edition set. 

A ten year old, pre-rookie auto of my favorite masher for under a five spot (including shipping) on Ebay. 

Man, I'm living the good the life. Thanks for reading and have a great week!


  1. I mailed you a vogel bomb the other day.

  2. Wow, those homers went to the exact same spot lol.

  3. Good to see him back up and raking! I hope this results in lots of 2021 cards!

  4. He's a beast! Crushed those two balls.

  5. Here's hoping he trends a few more times in 2021 - except when the Brewers play the Cubs, of course!

  6. Happy Monday to you! What's so incredible about both those homers is that it looks like he only swung half-way. In that there wasn't this massive, exaggerated swing through where the back goes full circle and slaps him on the back. Which shows have flippin' strong he is.