Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cards from a Super Night Owl

One of the hand full of packages awaiting my return from the east coast was from everyone's favorite Night Owl. Mr. Night Owl recently wrote a post lamenting the treatment his Dodgers have been given by Topps as of late. I get it. I don't have any SSPs of Julio Urias hanging over my head, but cards of Bryant, Schwarber and Contreras sure have price tags that can make your wallet wince.

I think that's why Night Owl must have sent me this one . . . to assuage the pain.

Or maybe it's just because he's a super trader and a heckuva nice guy?
When I think of Night Owl I think of the glorious two-toned 1976 Topps set and miiiinnnnnnniiiiiiis! He certainly appreciates vintage cardboard more than the average collector.
 I can't blame him, especially with beauts like these: a Bushy Buckner and foil stamped Topps Original of Randy Hundley. These are both strong candidates for my Cubs FrankenSet!

 Set help?  Heck yeah!  It's not quite a brick of Conlon like Tony L. sent me, but every little bit helps!
I love a guy who will take the time to look at my want lists . . .
My want list for the 1997 Metal Universe set is now down to twenty-nine! This card of Hideo Nomo actually photographed much better than some of my other attempts.

Here's a couple pics of some mid 90's cardboard. Wow, is that a base card from 1995 Fleer?  There's a lot going on there for a base card.
 Sweet Swingin' Grace and Nasty Boy Randall K. Myers. I love me some nicknames!

Speaking of nicknames, here's Slammin' Sammy. This is a SportFlix card, but it only has the one picture. It possess some 3D properties though.
This is the more traditional Sportflics/SportFlix of which I'm familiar.
 Very nice!

Lastly, we have arguably the most important piece to the Cubs' everyday lineup, Mr. Anthony Rizzo. He's putting together a season which will certainly garner some MVP votes.
 This red framed card is from the 2016 Diamond King and is numbered to 99. It's hard to tell with as much doctoring Panini does with the uniforms, but I think Rizzo is wearing a throwback uniform.  Maybe it is the Chicago Whales throwback?

Thanks for the great batch of cards, Mr. Night Owl! I hope the next pack of A&G you rip contains card #120, and it's not of Kenta Maeda!


  1. In my opinion, that style of 1995 Fleer was the tamest of the six types available.

  2. Still waiting to rip some A&G. Maybe next week.