Thursday, July 7, 2016

Vogelbach Contest Reveal

I almost forgot about my Vogelbach contest I set up last week, but it came to me as an opportunity to further procrastinate working on my summer class. If you recall, the VOGELMONSTER was elected to the AAA All-Star in Charlotte on July 13th.
The kicker is I will be in Charlotte on the 16th and would have loved to have attended the game. Bummer.

Well, enough whining and procrastinating. Let's find out who those winners are!

 Here we go!  I had ten bloggers comment in this post and here's the list after three randomizations:
 Night Owl, I have your current address and I know you're a Dodger kind of guy. Al?  I like to reward my last place finishers, so please contact me with your address and the baseball team you'd like!

Thanks for playing along, everyone!