Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I Thought Jedi Only Used Light Sabers?

I don't know the story behind JediJeff's handle, but knowing his blog personality I'm sure it's a fun one. Maybe he is strong with the force?
Anyway, this Jedi bought a blaster and found a Willie inside. (That was a weird sentence.)
So I have a nice start to a Panini Golden Age set... which I may or may not purse...
 Some nice miiiiiinnnnnniiiis!
 And a Willie Nelson relic!  Willie was my grandmother's favorite music artist, so this card will go in a special box with the other big hits.

I think I've overlooked Golden Age.  I like these little bits of history they have thrown in.
 Josh Gibson was a beast and I'm happy to add this one to my collection.
 More Panini, but this time it's in the form of Hometown Heroes. I've completed this set, but I didn't have the Moreland state parallel card.
 VOGELMONSTER! Man, is someone chopping up onions in here?
Seriously, stop with the onions already.

Here's a couple of nice cards for my Sandberg, Kieschnick and Wood player collections.
 And we finish off the yellow padded mailer with a horizontal Brian McRae, a Bowman insert of Jerome Walton, and a nice piece of vintage in the form of Merritt Ranew.
 McRae and Merritt have a better than good chance at making it into my Cubs FrankenSet. McRae was a favorite and vintage cards are severely underrepresented in my FrankenSet. I don't believe the Walton card has a number, so it'll find a home in a Cubs box somewhere.

Thanks for the Willie, the Golden Age and the sweet assortment of Cubs, JediJeff!  Good luck to your Sox in the rest of the Crosstown Classic!


  1. That Willie Nelson relic is pretty sweet. Looks like a nice haul!

  2. The story is pretty boring and not worth the effort relating. Trust me in this.

  3. My mom enjoyed Willie too... although she liked Kenny (Rogers) even more. A few months ago, I started building PC's for them (even though they don't actually collect and could care less about cards). For me it's just a way to honor them and eventually when they move on... a way to remember them.